Brain food for exam month

With both GCSE’s and A Levels this month it’s a great time to review those teenage snack habits and hack them for improved brain function, concentration and happiness! Avoid heavily processed snacks that can make you tired, swap them instead for those full of natural fats and fibre to keep you feeling fuller and more alert, for longer.

Brain food for exams

Chocolate lover

Good quality Cacao can help to improve the blood flow to the brain in young adults and provide a mood boost. Cacao is an excellent source of magnesium and also contains biomarkers that reduce stress and can help improve energy and concentration levels. Why not grab an easily portable Cacao Cookie or bag of Bites to nibble on the way to your exam?

Want to find a way to enjoy one of your favourites with a nourish twist? Why not try making our Rocky Road? This recipe is a great way to enjoy the benefits of cacao without a sugar overload providing sustained energy and satiety. Or if you’re a Nutella lover why not make our super fast Chocolate Spread instead? 

Brilliant breakfasts

Our Banana pancakes are both a great start to the day and topped with Blueberries they are exam superfood! Blueberries have such amazing results in studies to optimise the brain when eaten before studying and contain compounds that help improve cognitive function and memory. Having blueberries every morning has been shown to have incredibly positive effects on memory recall and focus. 

Choose organic Blueberries when possible as these are on the dirty dozen list, but don’t worry if you can’t they’ll still be a great study aid. We love these organic ones from Pack’d at Ocado.

And the bananas? Well they are a great low GI snack for studying and they literally contain happiness being rich in tryptophan. Happy fruit!

Strawberry Cheesecake recipe

Super duper desserts

Strawberries are a good one for a sweet treat that is nourishing but not going to send your blood sugars zooming up. They are especially good for blood sugar levels, especially when accompanied with healthy fats like in our banging Strawberry Cheesecake, or our Strawberry Bites and Macaroons. 

Studies into Strawberries have found that they are excellent for memory function. Including organic berries into your diet whilst studying can be incredibly beneficial. Combining with healthy fats and not adding refined sugar helps to encourage stable blood sugar levels and promote satiety.

Don’t have the energy to make our Cheesecake, why not try our Macaroons or Bites alongside, or crumbled onto some really good dairy free ice cream like this one from 6 ingredients only one from Booja Booja?


Turmeric is incredibly beneficial for overall health and wellbeing. Studies have shown it can be helpful in supporting the immune system and brain function, which is vital whilst studying. It can also be used to aid the quality of sleep whilst also lowering anxiety levels, improving mood, and promoting relaxation.

Why not try our Turmeric Bites crumbled over your supper, they are delicious with our Buddha Bowl, or for a brilliantly relaxing warm drink our sleepy turmeric mylk is a perfect bedtime treat that will help send you off to a deep, relaxing sleep.

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