Nourishing Rocky Road


Nourishing Rocky Road

15 mins prep, 1hr in the fridge, or until firm.


Our very own take on Rocky Road, made using our Macaroons, or Bites as crumb to create this scrummy, healthy dessert. With half term here we wanted to make something that could be eaten one handed while out on an adventure.Make them to share with friends along with a flask of something warm while we create dens, spot wildlife and run amok! We think these are perfect for that!


1 pack of Cacao Macaroons or 4 packs of Bites

100g dark chocolate (we use a vegan option), melted.

Small handful of Currants 

1/4 cup Sunflower Seeds

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

Blitz the Macaroons, or Bites, in a processor until you have a crumb texture. Add the Chia Seeeds and Sunflower Seeds and blend briefly (just enough to chop them a little). Mix your melted chocolate through gently, adding the currants as you go. Press into a small baking dish, or individual moulds. Place in the fridge until firm and cut into bite sized pieces. NOTE - Use a bain-maire to melt your chocolate and avoid burning it. This slice can be frozen. Why not try it with some of your favourite nuts added, roasted almonds are great!

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