Nourishing your body from the inside out

With Founder, Ineke’s background in Nursing and Functional Medicine, we’re passionate about promoting healthy, wholefood eating. Our brand name reflects exactly how we feel about food, we love to grow it, cook it and enjoy sharing it!

Where it all began

From an early age Ineke loved to be in the kitchen, where fresh home grown ingredients provided inspiration. Her passion for food continued and whilst working in nursing she recognised the lack of nourishing, gluten free snacks available to her, and her patients. Ineke was keen to create her own delicious snacks that could fuel her and her young family through their busy days. Nourish was born in 2015 when she began making our signature range of Coconut Macaroons in her own home kitchen to sell locally.
Where it all began

There's more to Nourish

Nourish continues to grow, moving from Ineke’s kitchen table to a small kitchen in 2016 to our very own Salsa accredited production kitchen in 2018 was an exciting step on our journey. Today a team of enthusiastic foodies make all of the Nourish snacks inhouse. Everyone, in the whole team, including all the kids, tastes everything, before we launch new products! We regularly release limited seasonal specials, and have more products in the pipeline.

Sustainability at Nourish

Our values

1. Do the right thing

2. Integrity

3. There is always a way, never give up

4. Tread lightly

5. Create and nurture change

6. Maintain honesty in all we do

Nourishing enjoyment

Our ingredients are carefully sourced from a selection of UK Cooperatives. We are devoted to producing products that are suitable for many different dietary needs and we’re passionate about limiting waste in the food industry. We're currently on track to become B-Corp Certified over 2022, watch this space!

Gluten & Grain Free

Dairy Free

Refined Sugar Free

Suitable For Vegans

Suitable For Paleo Diet

Nourish - Grow. Cook. Enjoy

Ineke and her young family run Nourish together with a small, but mighty team that has grown to help expand the business. Everyone starts out on the kitchen floor, understanding how the products are made and the work that goes into their production, it's a great way to learn about the business. Reflecting the values of the business, any downtime for Ineke is spent in the garden growing gorgeous ingredients, crafting delicious recipes that we share with our community and enjoying time outside as much as possible with her family.

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