The Nourishing Lives Podcast

Since starting her own Nourish journey it's been Founder Ineke's desire to share insights into how to live a more Nourished Life. Chatting with experts and enthusiasts on the Podcast she delves into the health and wellbeing subjects that you want to know more about. Welcome to Nourishing Lives!

100% Compostable, or Recyclable Packaging

We’ve transitioned all our packaging to home compostable, or recyclable, as part of our environmental commitment. Some of our stockists run closed loop plastic recycling schemes, like Abel & Cole, and therefore some of our packaging is created as suitable for their businesses. We keep a very close eye on developments in food packaging to ensure that we are always doing what is best for the planet, and for you. Lessening waste in the food industry is incredibly important to us; we strive to run a food waste free kitchen and to recycle up to 90% of all waste produced by our kitchen and office facility.
100% Compostable, or Recyclable Packaging

A nourishing future

We constantly review our suppliers to ensure that we’re making sustainable choices. Our sustainability journey doesn’t end with our packaging and our kitchen waste, we’re looking into ways to be more environmentally friendly as a brand and taking steps to be considered for B Corp status in the future.

Water For Good

Teaming up with has been a long term goal for Nourish. We donate 10% of net profits from every sale. We proudly support them in their mission to supply clean water to communities in the Central African Republic. Seeing how their work can truly change lives is inspiring, we regularly post updates about their work, visit them here to find out more.
Water For Good

Why Water For Good

After working as a nurse and teacher in Uganda Ineke saw first hand how important access to clean water was to the health and wellbeing of remote communities. Water For Good works hand in hand with the communities that they help, they drill the wells, but also come back and carry out all of the essential regular maintenance to ensure that these communities can continue to rely on their water supply. Water for a lifetime is the goal and the reason why we're aiming to raise a well for a village in 2022/23.

Water for Good