Mini Frittatas

Mini Frittatas

12 Servings

20 mins


Following on from our article about super powering your afterschool snacking Ineke has shared her delicious mini frittata recipe. Great fuel for busy kids and adults alike, there are so many options to switch these up to suit your own families tastebuds, give them a try and see what works best for you. 



1 large or 2 medium sweet potatoes

½ head broccoli (cut into small florets and steamed)

½ cup of peas (can be replaced with another vegetable)

6-8 eggs (depending on size)

½ tsp Sea salt or pink salt

Cracked Pepper

½ tsp cumin (opt.)

1 tsp mixed herbs

Avocado oil

Cube your sweet potato into 1-2cm pieces. Drizzle with avocado oil and bake in the oven for about 15 mins at 180 or until just becoming soft.


Grease a muffin tray with avocado oil. Inside place your sweet potatoe, top with a broccoli floret and a few peas.


In another bowl whisk together your eggs, salt, pepper, cumin and herbs. Pour evenly over your vegetables.


Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until puffed and cooked through.


These can be cooled and then frozen to pack into lunchboxes, grab on the go and fuel hungry kids after school.


NOTE – You can replace the sweet potato for carrot and courgettes or for parsnips too. You could add in cooked beetroot and feta too for a change.

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