What Nourish can do for you in 2024 

  • Increase your fibre intake (and improve Gut health) Eating enough fibre every day is crucial for optimal gut health. Vegetables and Fruits are one of the best ways to get your fibre in every day. Crowd these into your diet and crowd our processed white carbs… Adding in chicory root, coconut, almonds, flaxseed and many other amazing foods will help to keep you full, keep your digestive system regular and feed your microbiome. We have written a little more about the topic HERE and this is also a great article to reference to HERE. 

  • Increase your phytonutrient intake – If you want to find out more about phytonutrients click HERE. Our range of products each contain different plant groups, by eating a different one each day you could increase your plant intake to over 15 different types a week. Mixing up your intake of plants and colours helps create diversity in your gut. Your intake of diverse plant foods should not from heavily processed foods, these will not create diversity rather they create more dysbiosis and gut sensitivity, as well as hold minimal nutrient value. Look at the back of your packets you buy and any non-recognisable ingredient or high use of hydronated oils and refined sugars, are not going to be helping your overall health in 2024. 
  • Curb sugar cravings – Are you time poor and someone that when you get really hungry you are ravenous and reach for whatever is in sight? Getting enough healthy fats, protein and fibre in your diet will help keep you full for longer. Switch your body from carb burning to fat burning. If you go from one sugar high to another and often feel a mid afternoon (or mid morning) slump… start to reduce those processed carbs and switch to a snack, low in carbs, and high in nutrition (few ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols like maltitol and sorbitol). A favourite of mine is the Nourish Coconutty Bar, and Cacao Cookies! I also love the FAAT bars when I don’t have any of the Nourish snacks to hand when out and about, or a little pot of tahini or almond butter with some vege sticks. 
  • Educate – As we start our next series for the podcasts this year and send out informative blogs every week, we want to untangle the mixed messaging about health and wellbeing. Join as we talk to trusted experts about all things Nourishing in 2024 and support you in optimising your health and wellbeing. Sign up to our newsletter if you haven’t already HERE 
  • Delight your tastebuds! – Join us for an exciting year ahead filled with new launches, exciting developments and above all the most delicious nutritious snacks in the UK that are sure to delight your tastebuds as well as be good for you and the environment! 


Your can read more about Why Nourish HERE! 


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