What Nourishment Means to us 1

What Nourishment Means To Us

Nourishment – 1.a. The act of nourishing. b. The state of being nourished. 2. Something that nourishes; food.

Nourish – Grow, Cook, Enjoy was created by our Founder Ineke when she became interested in the link between the nourishment she provided her family with and the way that this positively affected their health and general wellbeing. Working as a nurse Ineke saw first hand the effect that our high stress, fast paced lives fuelled by processed food was having on people. Creating a snack product that was free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy and grain free and be made from clean, organic ingredients became her goal and our Coconut snacks were born! We’re passionate about the ingredients that we use here at Nourish, sourcing Organic and fairly traded ingredients for all of our products.

What Nourishment Means to us

Something that nourishes

We choose Organic ingredients where we can. For many of us, a way of avoiding chemical overload from pesticides, hormones and antibiotics is to choose to buy Organic. Research continues to show that essential vitamins and minerals are higher in many Organic foods. We believe that getting the most out of your food is incredibly important. Food from Organic farms comes from trusted sources. Organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year to establish compliance with UK and European regulations. Organic food production also creates less pollution and environmental issues. Food that is good for you often won’t have a label telling you that it’s good for you. But if you stick to fresh fruit and veg, wholesome proteins and fibre rich, mostly gluten-free grains you won’t go far wrong. We love our weekly veggie boxes from the likes of Greener Greens and Riverford. It’s a good place to start on your hunt for great ingredients. Or why not cook along with us in one of our brand new, soon to be aired, IGTV cooking videos?

The act of nourishment

As the definition of nourishment says – the act of nourishing – nourishing yourself from the inside out is one of the most effective medicines known to man. Simple to administer and easy to find, serving up nourishing meals is one of the most important things that many of us do in a day. The food that we can buy ready prepared has so many additional ingredients added to preserve it and ensure that it tickles your taste buds. Think added sugar, fat and salt to create flavour and to make you crave more. If you strip back most of your favourite ready meals you’ll find that they really aren’t that complicated to make yourself at home. If you haven’t been bitten by the cookery bug then start out simple and build up your skills and repertoire. Why not start with something simple like a banana loaf or our delicious tomato sauce that can be used in many different ways? Our website is packed full of ideas  that can help you build up your repertoire of nourishing recipes, check it out here.

What Nourishment Means to US 2

The state of being nourished

A nourished state of being is when your body works in harmony.  Limiting sugar is a good choice for all of us. Those sugar crashes can lead to poor food choices and are detrimental to our overall health. If you’d like to read more on sugar and its effects check out our blog about it. Other than limiting sugar and processed food and grains we don’t condone any particular way of eating. Everyone will have different wants and needs from their own nutrition. Age, activity levels, medical reasons and many more things can influence how we eat. Keeping to a varied, fresh and wholefood diet will ensure that you’re getting all you need to be nourished on the inside. One thing that hugely inspires us on our journey to a nourished state is growing our own. If you’ve felt inspired by our planting stories on Instagram this weekend why not check out this article on how to get kids into gardening too?

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