How does your garden grow? Growing something from a seed is magical at any age, but particularly when you are little. What could be more exciting than watching a new seedling push up through the earth, knowing that you did it! Learning that nurturing and caring for something can help it grow and become strong is a valuable lesson for small people.  

Green kids

Getting kids outside is great at any time but particularly right now during the school holidays. Lovely long days outside in all that fresh air will help with bedtime for sure! Why not take the opportunity whilst the weather is good to start a little gardening project? Working in the garden and just being out in green space with kids helps to inspire creative play. You could almost consider it a mini science lab, kids are naturally curious and their interest in growing will soon extend to investigating all the small creatures that live outside too……..we often have frogs being presented to us at the backdoor with a sense of wonder and delight! 

You can do a lot with a small plot

You don’t need to have a huge garden to be able to get kids gardening either, there are so many different options to consider if they want to get their hands in the dirt. From planting cherry tomatoes in a small window box or growing cress indoors to giving them a plot of their own or joining a community garden scheme, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to test out whether they have a green thumb or not. 

What to grow now

Right now, during August there are still plenty of things that you can grow. If you’re keen on greens, then planting out some perpetual spinach would be a great choice. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving as it will continue to grow and recover from each cut throughout the winter. Herbs are always a great choice as they are easy to grow and will help to expand kids taste buds, if they love a bit of basil and tomato sauce on their pizza then have a go at growing it. Slightly older children might be prepared to spend the winter nurturing their patch and that opens a huge choice of things that can be grown, rainbow carrots are a favourite in our house, who knew that carrots could be purple! If you’ve got a budding florist on your hands then why not buy a small pack of winter pansies? These will continue to grow and provide colour throughout the winter months with a little love. 


.There are so many great kids gardening kits to choose from. Here are just a few of our favourites, 


Why not treat them to their own Johnsons mini greenhouse 


Built to look like a Caterpillar this mini propagator will help them grow tomatoes, beans and more.


These rainbow carrots from Suttons are great fun and look great on the supper table


If you’ve got a pizza lover on hands how about growing their own  pizza herbs


And last, but by no means least, every mini gardener needs good tools, we love this colourful collection

Learning about where their food comes from by growing, harvesting, cooking and sharing the food they’ve grown may even start the next generation of gardeners, you never know how green your thumbs are until you try. 





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