Supplements to support you this Winter.

Every individual is unique in their needs when it comes to supplements, but there are some that are essential for everyone, especially during the autumn/winter seasons. If you feel you could do with a little extra support the ones below are a great place to start.

Vitamin D with K

Nutri-advanced is an excellent brand. Their liquid option, available HERE. The majority of people are deficient. Vitamin D is essential for bone and muscle health as well as supporting our immune system. All ages should be taking during the autumn and winter months.

Omega 3

Our diets are very high in inflammatory Omegas and often lacking in Pure Omega 3’s. One of my favorite brands is Bare Biology. You can find them HERE.


This has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Has been found to support the immune system and decrease inflammation amongst many more benefits. A favorite of mine for those with colds, weakened immune systems or compromised gut health. It may also help with blood sugar regulation. Terranova 500mg Astragalus is a great supplement company, you can buy this HERE. You can also buy a supplement from the same company that contains Echinacea and Garlic (excellent for those colds!)


Glycinate or Citrate are excellent forms of magnesium. Citrate will encourage a digestive system, so if you err on the side of being constipated, this is a good option. Glycinate is very readily absorbed. One I love to use is HERE. Magnesium contributes to normal function of the nervous system and muscles, helps our mitochondria (power houses in our cells), decreases tiredness and fatigue, and encourages normal protein synthesis as well as helps in the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

There are many others that may be needed such as a Vitamin B complex, Zinc and Adaptogens etc… Eating a rainbow diet that is rich in lots of plants, good protein and healthy fats is still key! Take a look at this journal article to read further on how to eat the rainbow.

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