6 plants to eat everyday

Eating your phytonutrients/colours of the rainbow is something I often encourage and talk about. So when asked about what are 6 of the best plants… I found it hard to answer. Here are 6 of the best (or many more) plants to include in your diet.

Eat the rainbow

Six of the best!

1. Broccoli (and the rest of the cruciferous vegetables).

2. Avocados – Fantastic source of healthy fats.

3. Turmeric

4. Berries (wild blueberries in particular)

5. Leafy greens

6. Root Vegetables – think Carrots and Beets (not potatoes)

7. Seeds and Nuts (as a cheeky seventh, but a great one to include daily)

There are so many more that deserve a mention, but having the above on a regular basis is a great starting point and a great way to add colour, variety and flavour to your diet.

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