6 gifts a Functional Medicine Practitioner wants to give for Christmas.

  • Time for those people you love as well as allowing yourself time to stop. Having time for people; whether conversation, reading a book to a little person, cooking with others, or going for a walk with a friend; is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. It is also so important for our mental and overall wellbeing.  
  • Food that Hugs. What does that mean? Food is often seen as both a comfort and an enemy and a lot of the time can be to the detriment of our health. A patient of mine recently said that kimchi felt like a warm hug when he ate it. I loved that illustration. Over Christmas I love making and gifting food with simple delicious ingredients that not only tastes delicious but is nourishing for you. A couple of my favourites we have shared the recipes for – Christmas Cake, Grain-free Gingerbread men or Chocolate Bark. Or I like to gift a couple of my favourite Nourish products – Coconutty, Choc Mint Macaroons and Spiced Apple Macaroons. 
  • Candles. Buying and gifting sustainably made candles is a must everyear for me, using soy or coconut wax. A few of my favourite brands this year have been – Zesty Lemons Gingerbread candles , Bird at Home Winter Vanilla , Home Country Co. The Spices… Candles that are non-toxic, create a beautiful ambience in the room and can be wonderful for balancing our cortisol levels too. 
  • Games and Puzzles. Every year we gift our children a puzzle and often our friends a game in their hamper. Taking time to stop after the busy lead up to Christmas is so good, and its also a great way to have time with each other and laugh (unless it is a very competitive game 😉) 
  • Natural Beauty Products. Homemade pillow sprays, or bath bombs have been made in our house this Christmas (by our daughter). I also love some of the amazing natural beauty companies out there. Natural hand creams, bath oils and face masks make wonderful gifts for people of all ages (and great stocking fillers as well!) 
  • Tea. Boxes of tea that encourage people to stop as well as nourish them. Whether a lovely oolong, premium matcha (try OMGTea’s matcha), herbal tea (Pukka’s peace or joy tea), green tea (I love Tea-Pigs) or a fresh mint tea, it makes a great gift alongside a homemade packet of gingerbread cookies or Christmas Cake. 

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