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The Big Nourish Bundle

The Big Nourish Bundle

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Need that Nourish fix? This is the one for you, share it with your team, ir squirrel it away just for you. This will keep those hunger pangs at bay for a while.

This is the way to try just about everything we create!

5 boxes of Bars one of each flavour (Each box contains 3 bars, so 15 bars in total) -  Raspbounty, Coconutty, Caramel, Strawberry & Choc Mousse, Peppermint.

5 Sharing Pouches of Macaroons, one of each flavour - Mini Raspberry, Strawberry, Cacao, Vanilla, Red Velvet.

4 packs of Bites, one in each flavour - Strawberry, Cacao, Vanilla and Savoury Turmeric

Suitable for those following Vegetarian and Paleo diets (*Not suitable for Vegans as Strawberry Bites and Passionfruit Macaroons contain a little Raw Honey - we can substitute if you pop a note in)

Gluten, Dairy, Grain and Refined Sugar Free. 

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