Keto Protein Bites


Keto Protein Bites

This is an absolute favourite of mine, I adapt it to what I have in the cupboard. Often breaking my morning fast with a couple of these before lunch time, or one before and one after lunch, a great way to get some healthy fats in as well as some protein and fibre. Keep them in the freezer during the summer.

Makes 4-5 bites 


60g Nut butter (I make one using macadamias, pecans, roasted hazelnuts and brazil nuts) 

45g soft coconut oil Pinch of cinnamon (opt.) 

1 tbsp (25g) chicory syrup. I use this one HERE 

20g ground linseed (can use extra if using less protein powder) 

20-35g plant based protein powder (I use a mixture of hemp/pea protein, or occasionally a mix already done) 

15g cacao powder 

20-40g mixture of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Pop all the ingredients into a processor and pulse until well combined. You could also just mix in a bowl if you don't have a processor available. 


Once fully combined place in mould shape of your choice, I like a small square, and put into the freezer.


Can be eaten from frozen, or left to defrost slightly for a few minutes.


Optional ideas – add in chopped nuts or cacao nib instead of the seeds. 

Add in ½ tsp of turmeric powder or maca powder for an extra dose of nutrients. 

Need extra MCT’s, add in a Tbsp of MCT Oil. 


Replacements – You could replace chicory syrup with honey or maple syrup, use a little less however, 15g should be ample.

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