Keto Cinnamon Nut Butter Cups


Keto Cinnamon Nut Butter Cups

6 Servings

2 Hours

Sometimes all that you need is a little bite of something to stave of a craving, step in our Keto Cinnamon Nut Butter Cups. These are perfect as they contain plenty of healthy fats to help you to feel satisfied more quickly. So easy to make and keep in the fridge.

100gm dark chocolate (see our recipe to make your own)

2-3 tbsp of your favourite nut butter (I have used Jakes Boost – Super Variety)

1 tbsp soft coconut oil

1/4 tsp cinnamon  

Melt your chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. In another small bowl mix together the remaining three ingredients.  Fill your mould just over 1/2 way with the nut butter mix.

Top with chocolate and gently tap your mould on the bench to avoid air pockets and get an even coating over the top. Allow to set briefly on the bench and then place in the fridge to complete harden. Store in fridge. ENJOY!

NOTE: These are delicious and perfect to keep in your fridge or freezer. Use whatever nut butter you have, I like ones with a little crunch, but equally a smooth nut works well too.

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