Deconstructed Smoothie Bowl

Deconstructed Smoothie Bowl

Loads of phytonutrients in this recipe = Blues, Greens, and brown/whites (three colours!)

Smoothie Granola 

2 tbsp coconut Butter 

¼ cup each sunflower and pumpkin seeds 

¼ cup pre-soaked almonds (or 2 tbsp of cashew or walnuts) 

2 tbsp macadamia nuts (or brazil nuts) 

Handful of broccoli sprouts 

1 cup frozen blueberries 


Milk (or dinosaur milk as we call it in our house) 

1 cup almond milk

Large handful of greens (e.g. spinach leaves, rocket, mixed salad leaves) 


Opt- Fresh fig, dried mulberries, ground linseed, nut butter

Place all the ingredients except the blueberries into a blender. 

Pulse together until you get a crumb, add in the frozen blueberries and blitz together. You will get a crumb section and a smoother paste as well as some of the blueberries blend down. 

Avoid over blending and ending up with a very thick paste. 


To make the milk, place the ingredients in the blender and blend until a smooth milk. Place your ‘granola’ into a bowl and pour over your dinosaur milk. 


Top with fresh figs, dried mulberries, linseed and/or nut butter if desired. Or even some NOURISH Cacao Coconut Bites- yes we have done this and it is delish! ENJOY! 


Jazz it up – add some spirulina into the milk for an extra nutrient boost… or to make it sweeter add in half a banana.

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