Aubergine and Tahini Salad with Willys ACV

Aubergine and Tahini Salad with Willys ACV

10 minutes prep, 40 minutes cooking time


Aubergine and Tahini Salad with Willys ACV

Warm summer nights call for super salads and our Aubergine and Tahini Salad is perfect with it's tasty Willys Honey and Turmeric ACV in the dressing! Reminiscent of the East with it's light spicing and pomegranate seeds, this is a simple, yet delicious meal that can be prepared ahead of time. Packed full of colourful ingredients it's not just good to look at, but also great for your gut with plenty of soluble fibre and fermented ACV.

2 aubergine 

1 avocado sliced 

Two handfuls of baby spinach (or favourite salad leaves)

1/2 large red pepper sliced

1/2 large pomegranate 

1/3 cup toasted cashew nuts

1 tbsp runny tahini (or 1 tbsp tahini with 1tbsp avocado oil)

Avocado oil

Salt / cracked pepper

Willys honey and turmeric ACV

Optional - feta crumbed on top (or use Violife feta alternative for a vegan version).
Slice the eggplant and place in a roasting dish. Drizzle with avocado oil and salt/pepper.

Roast in the oven for 40-50 minutes at 170, or until soft and cooked through

To assemble the salad, arrange the leaves, avocado, sliced pepper and roasted aubergine in a salad bowl or large plate. Drizzle over the ACV and the runny tahini. Season if needed. Sprinkle over the cashew nuts and pomegranate seeds. 


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