ABC Nut Butter

Light Bites

ABC Nut Butter

5-7 Mins


Almonds, Brazil and Cashew Nut Butter. Three fantastic healthy nuts, that combine to make a delicious creamy ‘ABC nut butter’. Almond butter by itself is delicious, but I found it took a long time to make in a basic food processor. It’s much easier in a vita-mix. By adding in Brazil Nuts and Cashew Nuts the added natural oils from these nuts makes it not only easier to make but creamier as well. Brazil Nuts are full of selenium which we often lack in our diet, so that alone is a great reason to add them. One of the processes selenium is involved in is the production of prostaglandins in our body. This regulates inflammation.

3/4 cup raw almonds

1/2 cup raw cashew nuts

1/3 cup raw brazil nuts


Blitz together in your food processor until the healthy oils from the nuts are released, creating a creamy nut butter.  Then blitz until you get a lovely consistency. Finally add in 1/4 tsp himalayan pink sea salt (more or less to taste). Blitz again.

I have used a Kenwood food processor for this and it has no problem making the nut butter within 5-7 minutes. Experiment with adjusting the quantities according to what you have and your taste-buds.

Finally, Enjoy…

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