When we first began our sustainability journey at Nourish in 2018 it was at a time when there were still very limited options for packaging, and not huge amounts of advice on how to tackle the 3 R’s reduce, reuse, recycle as a food business. Since then things have come on in huge leaps and bounds. Our approach to sustainability remains to, 


Today our packaging is all Home Compostable, or Recyclable. Where once Home Compostable packaging options were tricky to find and unreliable, they now abound and finding ones that suit our products isn’t so tricky, it still costs more than plastic, but we feel that’s a good investment to make! 

People understand more about recycling overall, and local curbside recycling options are improving too. From our kitchen to yours everything you’ll receive in your order from Nourish can be reused or recycled, even down to our Puffin Packaging in our chilled orders. We love to reuse the ice packs for those summer picnics, or in lunchboxes and the fleece is brilliant for composting and a host of other things too, take a look.

Our Macaroon and Bites pouches can be cleaned out and reused. The Bites packs are brilliant for popping little toys into for taking out and about, and we really do love growing seedlings in our pouches, they are perfect for windowsills! Reusing your pouches and don’t want to buy the plastic clips, take a look at these clever little wooden doughnuts for sealing bags effectively.

In our kitchen we’re waste conscious too and we recycle 90% of all our waste, in fact we’ve got some clever locals who’ve picked up a load of our plastic Coconut Oil buckets recently to reuse them for storing their sports business kit, we love a bit of circular economy! We separate our waste to make sure that anything that can’t be picked up on site we take to a specific recycling centre ourselves. 

We get a lot of pallets as you can imagine and any that can’t be sent back to be reused are turned into furniture for the kitchen courtyard, or at home in Ineke and Ryan’s own garden. Marketing Kate is about to embark on a pallet sofa and coffee table for the garden, we’ll share pics to see if we can inspire you too! 

Oh and in case you ever worried that we might have food waste, we don’t, not a fleck of coconut is wasted at Nourish. Every Macaroon, or Bites, crumb is harvested for the bases of our Bars, and any misshapes (we’re handmade so things happen!) are provided for the staff to have at teatime. We know that being sustainability aware isn’t always easy, but as we continue our B-Corp certification journey we’re learning more and more about how to be greener and we’d love to keep sharing what we’ve learnt with you. Drop us a comment below if you’ve enjoyed finding out more about Nourish’s commitment to Plastic Free July!

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