What's it really like to write a cookbook?

What’s it really like to write a cookbook?

What’s it really like to write a cookbook? Well, firstly and most importantly, it’s not quite as easy as it looks. For many years I’ve been asked by friends and family to produce a cookbook full of their favourite recipes. One that I created and have made for them. Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, when you add in 2 young children, a busy business, a hectic household and attempting to maintain a little balance, it all gets a bit more complicated.

Nourish – grow, cook, enjoy was built on my desire to nurture others through food. I’ve spent many years honing our Coconut Macaroon and Bite recipes. I love them and I love to hear that so many others do too. So, writing a book full of my other recipes that I produce for home and our local health food stores and cafes shouldn’t be too challenging……. I thought.

Testing, testing, testing.

Testing recipes was great fun, I’d write them, friends and family would try making them and then eating them. So far so simple. Writing a recipe so that everyone understands it, not so simple. We’re all used to different weights and measures for a start. I’ve kept it simple and followed how I best understand these, I hope you do too. Deciding on a style for the book was tricky. I have books I love and I wanted to follow some of the elements in these, but not all. I love giving little extra hints and tips. You’ll find these throughout the book in little speech bubbles, a bit like it’s you and I having a chat in the kitchen.

What's it really like to write a cookbook?

My little helpers

Then there is the challenge of attempting to get to photograph the finished product before the smallest member of the Nourish team, Luca, would pop a chubby hand onto the counter and have a taste! Taking these photos was great fun and I’ve learnt along the way how to take a better picture. Also I need a bodyguard for any food I want to take a picture of! My children have loved Mummy writing a book, not only has there been an endless supply of desserts and snacks to try but they also love to get involved in the kitchen. This desire to get involved has led to my daughter, Inge and I making our new IGTV series. Check out our series Cooking with Kids, together. Great fun!

Nourishing Treats is filled with 10 simple, yet delicious, tried and tested recipes. All are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. I’ve provided some dietary options for those following vegan, paleo and keto diets.

Finally, you may have noticed that this is called, Volume 1. Yes, I really enjoyed this process and I might even do it again! I’d love to hear any feedback that you have once you’ve tried out a few recipes.

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