We’re made to move! During the spring and summer months it feels relatively easy to get out, get moving, and feel those endorphins popping. However, once the cooler months of autumn and winter set in it can be hard to get motivated to move. You know the scenario, the house is warm and cosy, the gym is cool and draghty, the walk around the block is windy and wet. So, how do you keep movement part of your day to day routine?

Over the past few month I’ve realised that I’m struggling to maintain my usual levels of movement and activity. We’ve had numerous bugs at home, life has truly returned to pre covid levels of busyness, and even the dog has turned his nose up some mornings at the prospect of another wet walk! 

BUT, and it’s a big but, I know we need to get moving. Too often the car makes the journey to school, the gym is forgotten because we’re busy, and the kids don’t get the airing they need to keep us all sane. Things had to change!

So, what have we done as a family to try and get moving? 

Get some movement early in the day.

Creating a new ingrained habit isn’t easy, but once it’s fixed after 2-3 weeks you’re going to find it hard to ignore. We’ve started leaving the house 30 mins earlier for the school run and parking in town. This gives the kids the opportunity for a 30 min walk to school, with the dog, which they love. It’s also the perfect time to catch up with them on what’s happening in their lives, we love this little pocket of time now. By investing in new warm raincoats we’ve made sure there are no excuses for missing our morning walk. Also as it all happens before work starts, I have no excuse for not doing it! 

We love BAM for mens and womens raincoats that are 98% recycled. 

Make the gym fun again.

Let’s face it, unless you’re really dedicated the gym can lose its appeal after a while. Classes can get stale, and working out on your own means looking for inspiration constantly so that you don’t get bored. I’ve found that getting a gym buddy is a great way of getting inspired again! A friend introduced me to a chum of hers who was also finding it hard to get going in the gym, and although we didn’t know each other to start with we now make sure that we don’t miss our sessions together. With the added bonus of having made a new friend! Try your own network and see if anyone else is struggling, you might be surprised. It’s also great for sharing on costs like a PT session, many PT’s will be happy to have two people instead of one. 

Try a networking site like SportsPartner if you’d like to meet new people to get active with.

Try something new.

I have a short attention span and so something new is often a great way to engage in a bit of movement. Look out for taster sessions of things you might enjoy, these are often at a reduced price to normal, or in some instances are free. I’ve so far tried cold water swimming, a Pilates reformer class and a muddy assault course! There are also some great all-day workshops that would give you a really great grounding in a new skill, like Yoga retreat days and outdoor activity day long sessions. 

I'm loving the all new take on Pilates from Heba Pilates, a workout and a half! 

Pockets of time.

Whilst we’re all busy there are little pockets of time that we could fill with movement. 15 mins around the block at lunchtime will make you far more productive in the afternoon, or walking from the station to a further bus stop, or parking the car a few more roads away, will clear your head before you get home for the evening. I find I have little pockets around kids pick up time, with 30 mins between their pick up times, rather than racing one home, I now have a wander with the youngest, when time allows, and download his day before the busyness of the evening commences.

This week we rediscovered the joy of a post supper walk. As Halloween, and then Christmas approaches, it’s quite fun to be nosy and look at people’s lights and decorations. A quick 15 mins around the block while supper is digesting and we’re ready to sit down for a bit on our return. A little Coconut Bites treat is a great way of getting the kids out for this, by the time they’ve finished the bag we’re home again! 

Don’t forget it’s 15% OFF using the code - TRICKORTREAT - before midnight on Monday for all 10 packs of Bites.

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