Top Ten Feel Better Moments. 

Our Top 10 feel better moments are for when the world around you is whirling and swirling. If you’re spinning plates and juggling balls all the time it can be really hard to justify much time out of your day just for you. If this sounds like you just ask yourself, can you really not step out of your own way and spend 5 minutes on you in your day? 

Making time for ourselves is always important but during Mental Health Week why not make that time that you always promise you will? The time you spend on you today will enable you to spend time on others, on work, on just keeping it together.

Make the time now, just pick one thing off the list below and go and do it. Set a timer if you need to, but do it. We guarantee you that you’ll feel better. You might not feel better today but start a habit to do it every day and we guarantee that within a few days you’ll come to love your 5 minutes of your time.

Disclaimer – we can’t guarantee that you won’t love our top ten feel better moments so much that you won’t add to this list and maybe make it 10 minutes in time!

Minutes of meditation

Turn off the computer and the phone, and step away from your desk. Whether you're in the office or at home find a comfortable spot inside, or out, and just actively focus on your breath for a few moments. If you can manage it, pop on some white noise, close your eyes and really think about your breath. Little moments of meditation can be very powerful when we’re stressed, don’t be surprised if this makes you a little tearful at first.

Get outside

Sometimes when we’ve been stuck in the office or the kitchen all day at Nourish all we really need is to see the sky. Just stepping outside, taking a deep breath and wandering down the driveaway of the farm really helps. You’ll definitely refocus and work better if you do.

Surrey Hills Farm at Nourish

Put the kettle on

Whether you put the kettle on just for you, or for you and your work mate/husband/child, just having a cuppa can promote calm. Be in the moment, either sit and have 5 minutes peace, or catch up with each other in the middle of your busy day. We couldn’t suggest strongly enough how well a #macaroonmoment would go down, and don't forget that our pouches are designed to share! Buy your favourite flavour here.

Busy hands

Crafting isn’t for everyone but for those for whom it’s a pleasure there is a lot you can do in 5 minutes. Make a Pom Pom or two, finish a few lines of cross stitch, colour in a picture. Just a little time to focus your mind away from day to day tasks can really rejuvenate you.

Planning makes perfect

Meal Plans are one of the things that we’ve really found have taken the stress out of our weeks. It takes only a few minutes to plan a week’s menu and when everyone is busy it really helps to keep you on track. Read more here about our batch cooking basics for quick simple meals. Or why not take a look at one of the many box schemes? We love the Abel & Cole pizza box for a fun night in!

Get diggy with it

The garden is really starting to wake up now, lots of green shoots and a little tidy up now so that we can sit outside is a great idea. Why not pop on those wellies and some gardening gloves on and spend five just doing a little tidying it? Have you got a windowsill or balcony? Why not plant up some supermarket herbs this weekend that you'll have all spring/summer long to add to meals, they make up those plants numbers too? Check out The Five Minute Garden Book for inspiration. 

Chill with Chocolate

Boost that serotonin level with a shot of chocolatey, mood improving cacao. Try our rich, clean tasting cacao macaroons or bites for a little boost to brain health and mood.

Clutter stutter

Surrounded by clutter on your desk, kitchen worktop etc. Get on top of it in 5 minutes and work with a clear head. Clutter can cause us to feel stressed and out of control, once it’s cleared you’ll be surprised how much more effective you can be.

Have a cuppa and a macaroon moment with a friend

Dance like nobody’s watching

We’ve all got a favourite tune that can get us up and dancing. Pop on your favourite and get up on your feet to move around. Dancing also helps to release those happy hormones, so five minutes on your feet can put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.


Yoga is a go to for our team and usually it would take longer than 5 minutes, but you can still achieve calm in this time. Try Yoga with Adrienne on You Tube for some inspiration and guidance on what you can manage at this time.

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