The lowdown on 3 natural sugars

The lowdown on 3 Natural Sugars.

As a Company we use only natural unrefined sugar, we wanted to give you the lowdown on 3 Natural Sugars that we come across most often. The consumption of refined sugars is on the rise, but alarmingly so are artificial sugars! According to the NHS the average person in Britain consumes 700 gm of sugar a week. This is the equivalent to 140 tsp per person!  

There are so many articles available to read, some about the latest sugar substitute, others about the latest dietary trend. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. 

The simple truth is that all sugar is still sugar. Thanks to well publicised research we know that sugar’s effect on the body is harmful and that it is a significant cause of disease and various health issues.  

So, what is a good natural sweetener?  Raw Honey and Maple Syrup are two natural sugars, and both have some health benefits (remember to consume in moderation). There are others as well including, Medjool dates, coconut sugar, stevia and monk fruit (the latter two being great for those following a keto diet).  

We’ll give you the lowdown on 3 Natural Sugars below;

The lowdown on 3 natural sugars


Raw Honey has often been haloed as a superfood. It is rich in many minerals and vitamins including iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus and niacin. It contains enzymes and antioxidants too. These all help to promote healthy gut flora and a diverse microbiome, which goes hand in hand with good overall health. 

The GI (glycemic index) of honey is also less than that of a banana (for a tbsp serving of honey). The key however to ensure you benefit from these nutrients is to consume raw honey (the darker the better).  

We’d recommend trying to find a local raw honey producer to support if you’re looking to source honey for you and your family. We love The Local Honey Man or our very own local Reigate Beekeepers who keep hives on the farm where our kitchen is! 

The lowdown on 3 natural sugars


Maple syrup is more heat stable than honey and can be used in baked goods. It is also is rich in antioxidants, in fact it’s packed with a whooping 24 and has some nutritional benefits. It is incredibly rich in manganese and contains calcium, potassium and zinc. Zinc and manganese are great for strengthening your immune system as they help regulate white blood cell production.  

Check out this article by Dr Josh Axe for more information on the benefits of Maple Syrup.  

Did you know that we use Maple Syrup as our primary sweetener in all our products? Check them out here.

DATES (specifically Medjool) 

Dates like the above contain some excellent nutritional benefits. Containing copper, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin B6, potassium and iron. They also contain beta carotene which can be converted by the body into Vitamin A, which is particularly great for eye health. 

A single serving of dates contains more than 6 g of dietary fibre, roughly 20-25% of the daily recommended intake, depending upon your gender. Dietary fiber is crucial for the proper functioning of the digestive tract 

Making a date paste or using the fresh dates in making raw desserts is an excellent way to use this natural sweetener. Why not try making our delicious Banoffee Mousse to see how these can be used?

Key Take Home Point  

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean giving up sweets entirely. It does mean replacing refined sugars and artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners. Despite still being sugars, unlike refined sugars natural sugars have extra beneficial nutritional and health benefits that can mean that a little bit of what you fancy is still possible.  

For further reading from key experts in the industry –  

Dr Josh Axe – 

Dr Jockers – 

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