Spring dietary changes

Eating Seasonal is a great way to approach each change of the season. As we head into longer sun lit days, our body and particularly digestive system looks for a change in foods. Additionally, when we eat what is in season, there are less travel miles involved and often more nutrients subsequently in the vegetables and fruits we consume.

Here are a few key foods and habits to focus on as we move into Spring, 

1. Load up on Spring Vegetables. These include asparagus, artichokes, radishes, and spring green peas, purple sprouting broccoli and wild garlic. Abel and Cole or Riverford are two of my favourite vege boxes for inspiration and to get variety!

2. Start to include fresh organic and/or wild berries as they come into season near the later park of Spring. Always seek these berries out from organic suppliers or find them in the wild!

3. Hydrate. As the weather warms up, make sure you hydrate. And do this separately from meal times where possible.

4. Jazz up your breakfasts! Pile vege into your first meal of the day. Include spring greens with eggs and mushrooms for your breakfast! A great way to fuel your body with nutrients for the day ahead… OR make a smoothie, load up on green veg alongside avocado (if using a banana, make it a green one, its packed with resistant starch) and berries!

5. Start planting some herbs and salad greens in your garden or in pots. Fresh herbs are a great way to add plant variety to your weeks meals.

6. Snack from your fridge. This usually means healthier choices, such as vege sticks with hummus (see our cauliflower hummus recipe HERE), boiled eggs, handful of berries, or a Nourish BAR. Prep your fridge to have quick to hand snacks, or make a nut mix in the cupboard ready to grab. Also great for in the evening when you are hungry whilst prepping dinner.

7. Reduce heavy carbs and eat light proteins. If you have eaten a number of carbs during the winter month, this is a great time to start transitioning to lean protein and more vegetable intake as your source of fuel. Light proteins such as chicken breast, wild caught fish and organic tofu or tempeh are great to include each day.

8. Support your digestion with herbs. Dandelion and Milk thistle are a couple of favourites. You can purchase them in digestive bitters, or have them in a cup of tea, such as this one made by Pukka HERE

And enjoy the light, go for a 15 minute walk in the evening. Great for unwinding and also to ensure a good sleep!

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