This week I would love to share with you 6 super things about Nourish Products, and why they are a great nourishing product to include in your diet!

Nourish Raspbounty Bar

 1. Organic – Search Organic on the web and you will find many articles talking about organic, sustainability, all related to climate change and our changing weather patterns. Organic is important to us as it mitigates the use of pesticides and insecticides from our ingredients, these chemicals play havoc with your gut bacteria! As we also have some fruit flavours (of which strawberry and raspberry are on the dirty dozen – find out more here) it is important to use organic sources of these. So next time you reach for a strawberry or raspberry flavoured product, check to see if it is organic!

2. Phytonutrient Rich! - What are phytonutrients? These are colours in our diet and crucially important to our health and wellbeing! Our products contain different phytonutrients. Think Peppermint Bar for green, Strawberry Bites for red and Passionfruit Macaroons for yellow! What a fantastic and delicious way to get some colour into your diet!

3. Sustainable Packaging - Trying to do your bit to help the environment? It is difficult when there is a squeeze on household income, and we have more than once had the conversation about the impact of this in our house over the past month. However, purchasing sustainability, through where and what you buy, and what packaging is made of, is far more important for not only your overall ongoing health, but often the nutrient availability to you in the product/fresh produce itself.

Red Velvet Coconut Macaroons

4. Good FATS! - Did someone say Fat! This is often written about, google it and you will get 101 opinions on what we should and shouldn’t be eating! There is the keto diet, the low fat diet and everything else in between. Numerous studies have been done and many more are being carried out that evidence that clean fat sources can be beneficial to your health. This involves having it in its purest form and not hydrogenated. Trans fats are the worst source as are many seed oils. We use Organic coconut oil in our products, which is rich in lauric acid (also found in breastmilk!), it also contains saturated fat which when combined with a nutrient rich diet free of processed carbohydrates, can be very beneficial for maintaining a healthy body weight composition! But more on this next week!

5. NO Refined Sugars - Looking for a snack that won’t give you a sugar crash and slump mid afternoon. Our products are free of refined sugar and contain freeze dried fruit, small quantities of organic pure maple syrup (which contains natural minerals) and organic raw honey (antibacterial and antimicrobial). Due to the combination of coconut and nuts/seeds, Nourish products will keep you full for longer, without giving you a sugar (insulin) spike!

6. Simple Natural Ingredients - It goes without saying that the longer the ingredient list, usually the more processed the product is. i.e. eat a handful of berries and there is one ingredient. So when you pick up a product and wonder what is inside, or if this is good for you, start by looking at the ingredients. If there are names on there you don’t recognize and numbers… it is highly likely it is not going to nourish your body. Nourish products are made to be fresh and contain few ingredients, keeping them nutrient rich and good for you! Three of my personal favorites are the Cacao bites, the Raspbounty and Coconutty bars!

Nourish Strawberry Bites

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