Six happy, healthy ways to start the day.

Morning routines are so important, and yet it often seems overwhelming to try and fit anything more into your already hectic first couple of hours, esp if you have children to organize as well.

Yet research has shown time and time again how important a few simple habits incorporated into that first hour or two of your morning can be at influencing your day ahead!

Here are a few tips I have found useful, and where possible try and prioritise each morning.

6 ways to start the day happy and healthy

Your six happy healthy ways to start the day!

1. Hydrate

Within 30 minutes of waking and getting up, have one-two large glasses of water, ideally slightly warm or room temperature, avoid ice cold water (before you have any coffee).

2. Take 5

Just 5 minutes before your feet hit the ground (or sit in a chair) and practice mindfulness, this could be in the form of praying about the day ahead, deep breathing, listening to the birds outside or even recognizing any apprehension you have about the day ahead and acknowledging it and allowing your body to take some deep breaths.

3. Day Light.

Natural light is so important for your cortisol and melatonin levels as well as many other things! Expose your eyes to natural light for at least 5 minutes! You could do this alongside your mindfulness, and simply sit or stand by the window.

4. Move it.

Within a couple of hours (ideally sooner) of waking, move. This could be some morning stretching, a 5-10 minute yoga session or walking the kids to school. Getting your body moving first thing in the morning is incredibly beneficial for your serotonin levels and metabolic function.

5.Blue light at night.

Avoid technology/blue light, ideally for an hour, but as a minimum for 30 minutes after waking up.

6. Write/journal/note

Take 5 minutes to write anything that comes to your mind for the day, whether it be one thing you must get done that day, or a reflection from your day yesterday.


And enjoy your day!



A book I have read in the past and would highly recommend (must read it again!) is:

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (they have also written a parent version as well!)

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