Protein… where can we get it in our diets?

Protein as we discussed HERE is an essential part of our diet. When you eat protein it is broken down into amino acids. Amino Acids are essential for so many functions in the body. There are 20 amino acids that the body needs. However, only 9 are considered essential to get from your food. These include – Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, methionine, Isoleucine Lysine, Histidine, Phenylalanine and Leucine

Importantly, quality matters! Not all protein is the same, just like not all fat is made the same. These amino acids are found most abundantly in eggs, meat, dairy and seafood. We should not however be eating industrial agricultural/animal products. Grass fed and regenerative meat is far better for you and the environment and wild fish is a great choice when you're sourcing fish products.

You can also get them from eating a variety of plant based foods such as these (1) (the key is you need enough and the variety throughout the day) –

· Hempeh (tempeh made from hemp seeds): 22 grams protein per 115g of hempeh

· Natto (organic non-GMO): 31 grams protein per 1 cup natto

· Tempeh (organic non-GMO): 31 grams protein per 1 cup tempeh

· Hemp protein powder: 12 grams protein per 4 tablespoons powder · Hemp hearts/seeds: 40 grams protein per 1 cup hemp

· Nutritional yeast: 5 grams protein per 1 tablespoon yeast

· Sacha inchi seed protein powder: 24 grams protein per 4 tablespoons powder

· Spirulina: 4 grams protein per 1 tablespoon spirulina

It is worth noting that if going vegan, supplementing with amino acids may be helpful as well to ensure you are getting the full range of amino acids your body needs. Or consider being vegetarian and supplementing with goats whey protein.

So what could a day of adding in protein look like?

In the morning, make a smoothie and add in spirulina and hemp protein powder and sprinkle with hemp seeds Or add in goats whey protein powder.

For Lunch you might have a tin of sardines (or a cup of hempah or tempah) with your salad/roasted vegetables and then add in a handful of almonds or walnuts or drizzle with olive oil and tahini.

Dinner might be a piece of chicken breast (size of your palm) or a piece of wild salmon with some of your favourite roast vegetables or salad, OR a tahini roasted cauliflower steak with a couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast sprinkled over alongside a cup of cooked chickpeas, ½ a chopped avocado and a handful of pumpkin seeds.

What about snacks? There are many protein bars on the market and products labelled as high protein. Whilst protein is essential, we need to be really careful about the source of protein and getting enough for your body type, age and needs. Reading the ingredients on the packets is so important, those with long lists and ingredients you don’t recognise, avoid. They are usually products that will give you protein but spike your blood glucose at the same time, which over time causes a number of inflammatory conditions and health concerns. Look for those that contain real ingredients.

A few favourite snacks that have a source of protein (I like to have at the end of a lunch/dinner) include –

1. The Nutty One – 4.9g per bar!

2. Superfoodio Peanut Butter Buttons – 4.4g a pack - I love the Keto version available HERE

3. Packet of Coconut Vanilla Bites – 3.6g a pack.

4. Collagen Powders – A favourite of mine. Ancient Nutrition - available on Healf is a current favourite at the moment! As well as Ancient and Brave – Cacao and Collagen drink for the evening. Use the code – INEKENUGTEREN to get 10% off your orders on Healf.

5. A Coconutty Bar – 5.6g per bar.

6. A handful of nuts or Tbsp almond butter with some vegetable sticks.

Worth remembering – Always have protein and fats before your carbs, this helps to ‘level out’ your glucose peak if you to consume some carbs…


Extra References – (1) (2) (3),cancers%2C%20stroke%20and%20kidney%20disease.

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