We've long been fans of the fabulous folk at Abel & Cole. They share our ethos of eating organic, wholefoods, and running a sustainable food business. When the opportunity came to work with them and become one of their trusted brands we leapt at the opportunity. Now you can buy your Nourish Macaroons alongside your weekly veg box, and it's all thanks to Abel & Cole buyer, Pete Oughtred.

We caught up with Pete for a quick Q & A about Abel & Cole, and why they chose Nourish.

Hello Pete! What’s your role at Abel & Cole?

I'm the, Snacks, Drinks and Gifts & Hampers Buyer.

What does Abel & Cole stand for?

In 3 words: Sustainability, Organic and Quality. 

How do you decide what items are perfect for an Abel & Cole box?

The items must taste fantastic; this is an absolute priority. I like to hear the story behind a product too. For example, I love that Ineke handmakes the macaroons which she started making in her own kitchen, because there was a lack of nourishing snacks available. It has worked out well! A product that launches with Abel & Cole also must be certified organic.

What did you like about the Nourish products when you first tried them?

I liked everything about them! I loved the taste of them all as well as the brilliant range of flavours that were available. The packaging for me was an absolute winner. It’s great to see how passionate Nourish are about sustainability, not just by being fully organic, but by going the extra mile in making their packaging home compostable. It’s great to see that they were Refined Sugar Free too.

How is quality and sustainability important in what you do?

It’s what we live and breathe at Abel & Cole (as you can see by my answer to what does Abel & Cole stand for!) This is why it’s so great going to visit suppliers, as you can see how transparent they are in what ingredients they use, to make the finest, best tasting organic products. This then allows us to be transparent with our customers, which for me is key.

What makes an Abel & Cole delivery different to your average supermarket?

Our delivery model means you have a set day per week, and the drivers will deliver to a number of people in the same area, therefore reducing our carbon footprint significantly. We also have the best range of organic products out there.

 And if you had to choose a favourite… which of our macaroons would you choose?

Can I say all of them? If not… the Cacao!

If you could be an Abel & Cole Box, which one would you be and why?

I’d be a large Abel & Cole box full of all the macaroons (and maybe add some G&T in there too!)


Abel and Cole with Nourish

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