Sad as we are to see the summer go here at Nourish we're loving getting cosy for autumn. With the evenings drawing in making home feel as warm and nurturing as possible is top on our list of priorities. We've gathered together just a few of our seasonal favourites to share with you from brands just like us who care about provenance, sustainability and using natural ingredients. 

St Eval, Winter Thyme Candle - A warm scent, evocative of wood smoke and herbs. These come in reusable tins or gorgeous earthenware pots that we'd put little plants in afterwards. The scent that these throw even when they aren't lit is really lovely.

St Eval Winter Thyme Candle

Nourish, Macaroon Selection Box - Obviously we'd choose something of our own, but in all seriousness we regularly forget to bring product home from the kitchen! When we do we need the whole range of flavours as everyone in the house has a different favourite, popped onto the side of a saucer with a cup of something warm they really are divine! 

Montezuma, Vegan Dark Hot Chocolate Discs - Soothing a rich, we love watching these disappear as we stir them into our oat, or almond milk. There's nothing quite like a mug of warm chocolate after a long session tidying the garden!

Weaver Green, Diamond Blanket - Created from over 300 recycled plastic bottles these soft, snuggly rugs are perfect for wrapping up cold toes, covering little ones who are feeding and just having on the end of the sofa for a when the temperature drops. 

The Little Book of Building Fires - An essential if you're just getting used to having a fire to light. We love a fire whether it's outside, or in, and Sally has some lovely advice on homemade firelighters, how to lay your fire and even what to cook simply on it.

Puressentiel, Resp Ok Inhalator - With colds and flu a little more virulent this year we've got a few of these at the ready, popped into pockets and bags. Made with organic essential oils they're great for clearing a stuffy head.

Pukka, Elderberry Syrup - An autumn essential for the whole family to help ward off any bugs. Packed full of elderberry juice, manuka honey 14+, trikatu and thyme, along with the other herbs, it's a simple combination to help give you a little boost.

Miniml, Bath and Shower Gel - We love all of the simple, natural scents from Miniml, with a great range of household cleaners and body cleansers that are all refillable they are one to take a look at. One of our favourites is the Tropical Coconut fabric conditioner, taking the scent of coconut home with us! 

Sarah Raven, Spring Window Box Selection - Preparing for spring already! Yes, Ineke loves to see a little early spring colour from the kitchen window and this pretty collection of muscari, narcissus and pushkinia are a gorgeous trio. Time spent now will mean that your window box, pots and/or garden will come alive in the spring.

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