‘It’s a Christmas tradition!’ How many times have you heard this over the past few weeks? We’ve all got a tradition or two, something that marks the festive season for us. For some it’s been passed down from generation to generation, for others it’s their very own tradition that they’ve started with their own friends and family. 

We asked the Nourish family what theirs are just in case you’re in need of a little inspiration, or are just feeling nosey! We love hearing about how others spend their Christmases, and that precious period of Crimbo Limbo too.  We hope you enjoy reading about them!


Christmas doesn’t stop on Christmas Day, Iz and her family keep the festive cheer going all through the crimbo limbo with games most and spending time with their extended family. It makes it a special time where family is the most important thing, and of course beating one another at the stack of games! ‘Everyone forgets plans and just lets the days flow into one another’.


Over the years Caroline has picked up her mum’s traditions and made some of her own with her family. We love the amalgamation of traditions, picking the ones that work for you and that really mean ‘Christmas’ to you and yours. ‘My grandpa used to buy everyone a small gift from the Christmas tree (it has to be small enough to sit on the tree itself) and I’ve carried this on as my mum did it for us too’. We also love to do a Christmas Eve box for the kids with festive PJ’s and a Christmas book’. 


Christmas Day we attend a church service together as a family and always come home afterwards for hot drinks and platters of nibbles to enjoy together whilst opening the gifts under the tree we have brought for each other. (always has our famous Christmas cake on the platter!).

Another tradition is making gingerbread men and then walking around the neighbourhood to deliver them.


Bex is in New Zealand for her family Christmas this year, we can’t wait to see her pics of all the new traditions she’ll discover while she’s there! We’re pretty sure that the beach will feature, her pictures are stunning so far!

We all loved Flori’s tradition so much that in fact some of us might have stolen it for our own families this Christmas! Flori organises an outdoor treasure hunt for the kids, hiding clues around the local woods. Heading out for a walk in the dusk the kids get to hunt for clues and special little gifts before heading home to warm up with hot chocolate. Just a magical way to spend Christmas Eve! ‘It takes a bit of work to get it all organised, but it makes everyone feel truly festive!’


Getting everyone outdoors seems to be a theme for these last two! ‘Since moving to Reigate 8 years ago we’ve become the hosting house for our family so on Christmas Eve there can be a fairly big crowd and in order to exhaust all the kids and the dog we started walking across the fields to our local pub as the light fades. We meet a few friends, share a mulled wine or two and then stomp across the fields with head torches on to get home. By the time we get home everyone is ready to sit in front of the fire to thaw out!’ 



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