How to spring clean sustainably

Spring is officially on the way, with the 1st day next week on the 20th! Although the weather is fighting against the onset of this fabulous time of the year we’re seeing plenty of green shoots and a little sunshine too, which is so good for the soul isn’t it? What the sunshine, shining brightly from time to time through the windows, has shown us though is that it’s time for a spring clean!

Whether you embrace the deep clean, or shy away from it there’s no denying that after a long winter just getting all the windows open and airing our spaces is an absolute must, but what else might you want to get into cleaning wise, and how can you make it more healthy and sustainable?


Spring cleaning can be beneficial for your physical and mental health too, here’s a few ways it can help.

  • A clean house can help you to breathe better, preventing respiratory issues and supporting a healthy immune system.
  • Having an unclean home can allow your space to gather pollutants, such as dust, mould and pet hair, which can trigger allergies.
  • Spring cleaning your mental health as well is a great offshoot to a deep clean. Research shows that a cluttered, or dirty space, can lead to stress and depression. If you work from home especially it can be very distracting and overwhelming when your space isn’t clean and tidy.
  • The joy of finding all those things you ‘lost’ over the winter months! Yes, the backs of sofas, behind sideboards and bags that haven’t been emptied in ages can be treasure troves of items you thought were gone forever!
  • Happiness! Many of us feel a real sense of achievement once our spaces are tidier and more serene. Add a touch of joy with some daffodils perhaps too for those less than sunny days!

How to clean sustainably….

There’s been a huge boom in the market for natural cleaning products and they are even easier to find than ever, but what works and what doesn’t? Although many of these products have a slightly higher price point that’s offset but often not needing to use as much of them,, being able to take advantage of subscription discounts and sometimes save on packaging with refills. 


Here’s just a few of our favourites,

Allavare - With a range of non toxic and eco-friendly laundry products they are taking on the big boys and showing that clean doesn’t have to be mean. We tried their laundry powder and it took on a busy family wash with ease. The natural oxygen bleach is a winner too on dirty kit, no stains left at all! We love that even their packaging is biodegradable.

Try them this month using the code - NOURISH - for 15% off

Kit and Kin - It doesn’t hurt that these products smell amazing too, again these are non toxic so are safe to use around kids and animals. The daily bundle with handwash, washing up liquid and their divine smelling all purpose spray is a great price to get you started with refills available on subscription too. We really love that they’ve harnessed the power of things like essential orange oil to cut through grease and grime.

A £5 discount is available when you sign up for their emails.

Bower Collective - Shower screen and tiles looking dull and smeary? No more with the fantastic limescale remover from Bower. Honestly our boys bathroom had seen better days at the end of a long rugby season and this tackled it head on, and brilliantly. Cue sparkling glass and glossy tiles again. Bottles are cute too and can be picked to match your colour scheme too.

Offers for free shipping and discount on your 1st starter kit order.

Miniml - Toilets, the final frontier in the big spring clean! The spearmint and peppermint toilet cleaner from Miniml harnesses clever green tech to get your loo sparkling, but also smells pretty good too! These guys also do a fab dog shampoo, so maybe your pooch will get a spring clean too. With their closed loop system they avoid any waste too which we love.

And of course an oldy but a goody; want streak free, shiny windows? Shower them with 50/50 white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle, get your cloth moving and let the sunshine in!

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