How important is it to cool down after a workout?

We all feel tired when we finish our workout right? It would be so easy to just head home straight away and just relax but how much damage can we do by not cooling down effectively?

Cool downs are essential in reducing your risk of injury and muscle tension as well as increasing blood flow and ensuring a faster recovery period post exercise. There are various from of cool down that you can do after your workout, including a range of dynamic and static stretches will ensure that you have adequately released tension from each muscle group worked as well as giving your time to slow down after exercise ad return to normal pace before continuing with your day.

You should aim to spend at least 10-15 minutes cooling down after your workout, holding static stretches for at least 20 seconds for maximum effect. Never underestimate the importance of a cool down – it’s your best chance to aid recovery and prevent a potential injury!

Don't forget to fuel up afterwards too, I love a Coconutty Bar for recovery time and the Dock & Bay Cooling Towels are perfect for chilling out with!

Follow along with me and cool down, stretch and recover! Find this video on Instagram too if you'd rather watch it on your phone.




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