8 foods your skin wants you to eat! In general foods that support optimal GUT health are going to support skin health as well. Starting with a few little tweaks you can very easily begin eating for your skin, with a happy biproduct being that it's all great for a healthy, well balanced diet as well!

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Here are a few favourites!

8 Skin loving foods

1. Avocados! - An excellent source of Vitamin E, fatty acids and folate (essential for DNA repair) among other nutrients. As a great source of fibre, this also supports gut health which optimises the skin health.

2. Lots of Green Veggies – These make your skin glow! Especially your Cruciferous veges such as sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and kale, as well as other vegetables such as celery. Rocket is also known for reducing skin inflammation and infections! Swap your iceberg lettuce for rocket next time! And add in some broccoli sprouts and you have a feast for your skin! Rich in Vitamins A,C E, and K these all optimise skin health.

3. Berries – Packed full of antioxidants and the lowest sugar option when looking to have fruit in your diet. To optimise the benefits always choose organic berries, Berries are known for being very heavily sprayed. Pack’d is a great option to purchase for out of season and storing in the freezer to avoid any waste. In the late Summer, picking your own blackberries is a fantastic option and freezing any extras for the winter!

4. Hemp Seeds – Packed full of zinc as well as an excellent source of your Omega fatty acids. Zinc benefits the integrity of the skin and helps promote wound healing. It is also known to support many other processes in the body, including boosting immune function and being a powerful antioxidant. Pumpkin seeds are another good source of zinc!

5. Turmeric – There is still a lot of research about turmeric and skin health. But what we do know about this powerful root is that it is highly anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. HERE is a great article for further information.

6. Bone Broth/Collagen Protein – Make your own Bone Broth which is packed with amino acids, vital for good gut health or purchase a Marine Collagen Supplement. A favourite of mine at the moment is this one HERE to mix into Fat Bombs or this ONE to mix into salad dressings.

7. Oily Fish – Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, and small oily fish that are wild caught are the best options for optimising their nutrients, which help to keep the skin plump, firm and moisturized. If you are not a ‘lover’ of eating them, then supplementing can be hugely beneficial. This is a great company HERE that are renowned for the quality of their fish oil and vegan alternative supplements.

8. Vitamin D – Essential for skin health! Foods containing vitamin D include sardines, mackerel, eggs, beef liver and some almond milks (hand made is best). But most people need to supplement for the majority of the year, unless you are living in a country with most of your limbs and face are exposed to sunlight for a good part of the day (SPF blocks out the body absorbing vitamin D). Nutriadvanced (my favourite), Biocare and Terranova to name a few are great companies to use for supplementing Vitamin D. If not eating greens daily, ensure you pick a vitamin d with Vitamin K as it needs this for good absorption.


There are many more, but starting with the above on a daily basis will not only optimise your gut health, but in turn your skin health. Food really Is medicine!

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