6 summer holiday survival tips for families

Summer holidays are in full swing and if you’re anything like us then the juggle is real, and trying to keep everyone happy can be stressful. 

We’ve put our heads together and have a few tips for keeping everyone happy, healthy and well that have worked for us as a team. We’ve got a fairly big tribe of kids between us so these are tried and tested by the whole Nourish team! 

1. Healthy snacking

Keep healthy snacks to hand and avoid the rubbish. Our Bites and Cookies are so easy on the run in their handy grab and go packs (use the code - ONTHEGO - to grab 20% off snacks). The Strawberry Bites have won awards for free-from kids snacking! Keep fruit/veggie sticks in the fridge and pop a little nut butter/hummus or smashed avocado to go with it to keep tummies full between meals. Making your snacks colourful can really help with getting kids engaged with what they are eating too. Take a look @healthyfamilyfoodideas for a little inspiration, Claudine will be the guest on our Podcast next week with more great ideas too!

2. Get wet and hydrate!

Although we’ve had some wet, grey days, the warmer weather is on its way back and we love to start a hot day with a cool shower. Great for kids and adults alike, helping to awaken the senses and focus for the day ahead. 

Don’t forget to hydrate, while we’re busy at home and out about we can often completely forget to drink something, anything! Especially when we’re stuck at a desk all day and then rushing to activities in the evening the app, Waterllama is great for adults and kids alike to help keep track in a fun way. Don’t forget that herbal teas also count when you’re trying to stay hydrated, why not try a fruity favourite chilled? Strawberry Lemonade from Bird & Blend is a big fave with the Nourish gang.

3. Get outside

Get outside for 30 mins a day, it makes a massive difference to mood, and is also great for boosting the energy levels for all ages! Even if it’s just a quick walk around the block first thing, a blast around the local playground in the early evening while the sun sets, or a lunchtime wander in the woods, it should help to settle jangled parental nerves and calm kids.

Exposing your eyes to natural light in the morning rather than a screen is crucial too for adults and kids and will help to regulate your circadian rhythm. How about having breakfast outside when the weather allows? With no screens and no distractions it can be a great way to start the day.

4. Rest and digest 

For parents juggling working from home creating little pockets of time is crucial for maintaining your sanity! Try and make space for at least 15 mins to enjoy your meals during the day, use this time to check in with the kids, play a game together and enjoy some device free time. You’ll probably feel more focused having stepped away and kids will feel like they’ve had some attention and hopefully be ready to entertain themselves for a little while.

5. To do list 

Get the kids in the kitchen then enjoy time together at the end of a day preparing supper, even the smallest can get involved with fetching things, and bigger ones can help with more practical tasks.  Maybe this is the time to take an extra couple of mins to set the table and make it feel like something special? Sometimes when your time is tight it's not about finding more time, it is about building time together into tasks that are already on the ‘to do’ list. A mass tidying session when everyone gets involved can be a super way to help soothe frazzled nerves at the end of a busy day, working together and then enjoying a calmer space! 

6. Superpower your screen time

Screen time is an inevitability for many during the holidays, but it can be interactive and fun too. Having recently discovered that you can play both Scrabble and Chess online with friends and family has been a brilliant way of allowing screen time that isn’t just endless scrolling. 

Got a Minecraft nut on your hands? Why not take a look at the Minecraft challenge building books and see what the kids can create over the holidays. Being creative online is no bad thing if it’s limited. Our kids' generation will be the ones driving how we use technology in the future and helping them learn to use it responsibly and creatively and not just doom scroll is a great opportunity. 




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