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What Spring means to us at Nourish 

We’ve been thinking about what Spring means to us at Nourish this weekend. Now more than ever, it feels like a time to focus on the positive. Collectively the Nourish team agree that this is their favourite time of the year. We’ve used the medium of our brand name to express just how important it is to us!

Spring has traditionally been seen, as a time of new beginnings, a time to hit the refresh button and to get into new habits for the lighter, brighter days. Spring has been fairly explosive this year, from trees bursting into leaf and the sun shining 24/7. It has felt a little like we are being nurtured through this tricky time.


As you’ll see from our social media posts we’re not just about Coconut Macaroons and Bites, we love REAL, NOURISHING food in all its guises. We’re passionate about using fresh, wholesome, organic (where possible) ingredients that will nurture us from the inside out. We like to eat with the seasons where possible. Every month we post a list of seasonal fruit and veg on our social pages. You’ll find these elements in any recipes we create during that month too. Did you know that the fresher your fruit and veg is when it lands on your plate the more nutrient dense it will be? All that time locked up in a cargo hold does your food no good at all. Eat the freshest food you can lay your hands on and your body, and more specifically, your immune system will thank you. Want to find out what’s in season this month? Click here.

Eating with the seasons is kinder on the planet as well as a nourishing way to eat. Eating food that uses less food miles by buying what is in season helps to support UK farmers. Lessening storage and travel time for our ingredients helps to create a more sustainable food chain. 

Veg at Nourish


The phrase, ‘you can do a lot with a small plot’ really resonates with our team. Spring is a very busy time in the gardens of the Nourish team. Some have bigger plots and some just a few pots but we all agree that there is nothing more rewarding than a harvest of your own fruit or veg. A lot can be achieved in a small space. For example, have you checked out the Nourish kid’s cress and sprout growing efforts? Find out more by clicking on our growing highlight on our Instagram page. You name it we’ve probably at least tried to grow it! From strawberries in hanging baskets to well established asparagus beds we’ve got a wide variety of things we’ve had a go at.

Why not have a go at growing something edible this year yourself? We give away a packet of nasturtium seeds with every purchase of our Coconut Bites. Plant them up in our compostable packaging, keep them in on a windowsill until they germinate. Then watch them grow outside on a table or windowsill. We’ve even popped in a recipe card for our favourite nasturtium salad! We really do live by our brand name as you can see!


The changeover from the comforting root vegetables of the Winter is a welcome one for many of us. Spring with its vibrant greens of nature inspires a new way of eating every year. When we think about cooking for Spring, we think of veg like bright asparagus, ruby red fragrant strawberries and fresh pansies to decorate cakes and the like. We love to keep it simple with such fresh ingredients as you can see from our recipes. Sometimes all a freshly cut asparagus needs is a dollop of mayonnaise. Or a bowl of watercress is mouth watering with lemon juice and olive oil for instance. A bit of foraging doesn’t go amiss at this time of the year either. Have you caught a whiff of wild garlic on your daily walk? It’s fabulous snipped into a bowl of salad! (see the pic below for one of our fave Surrey Hills spots for picking!). Why not try making our strawberry, avocado and asparagus salad for a touch of Spring on a plate? 


Lighter evenings, walks in the bluebell woods, playing in the garden all these and more are why we enjoy the Spring. We’ve been lucky enough to be recipe testing since Spring began for our NEW Nourishing Treats eBook. This has meant that we’ve had a plethora of healthy treats to eat! Have you made anything from our book yet? We’d love you to share your experience if you have. *Use the code – FREEBOOK – with any purchases over £30.

The longer days of Spring mean that we can be outside for so much more time and now that Vitamin D is freely available again we’re making the most of any sunny weather to get outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day (the optimum time without sunscreen to absorb vitamin D). Especially while we are on lockdown the time spent outside feels like a real gift. Over the past 6 weeks the outdoors has gone from bare trees and barren earth, to trees dripping with blossom and leaves, and woodland carpets of wild garlic and bluebells. There’s the slight downside of the hayfever this has brought for some but the A.Vogel range of hayfever solutions has helped those of us who suffer with this, natural solutions to a natural problem. 

Whatever you have planned for this first Bank Holiday of the year we hope that you’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy Nourishing, growing, cooking and enjoying with us!

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