What makes us tick at Nourish? Well, for one thing the are delight of seeing an increase in Nourish macaroon lovers lately! With lots of new social media followers and subscribers to our newsletters, we wanted to say a big hello, and let you into some untold secrets and stories behind the macaroon and its makers.

As with many food businesses, when I first started developing a few recipes for my own family at home, I never imagined that I’d end up running a business based on those very recipes. Since I’ve always wanted to be able to lift the curtain on other businesses and take a look at what makes them tick, here’s some things you might not know about Nourish – grow, cook, enjoy……  

14 things about us…

1.  I’m a fully qualified registered nurse passionate about making a difference in peoples lives and a healthy foodie. You will frequently find me in the kitchen creating! Mr Nourish is a secondary school maths teacher who has a love of everything data, and can often be found knocking up an excel spreadsheet or two! We have two gorgeous children, both of whom I refer to as miracles. Inge who is 9 years old and Luca who is 18 months.

2.  We’re based in the beautiful Surrey Hills, near Reigate, which means we are never short of local produce to create delicious recipes from. Reigate is also home to an amazing health food store ‘Inside Out‘ where we first started selling all our extra creations such as cookies, flapjacks, raw slices and even salads – we don’t just make macaroons!  We started off making macaroons in my kitchen, before moving to a small barn, and then most recently on to our lovely large kitchen and office space overlooking beautiful fields in the middle of a large farm! 

3.  Our full size macaroons are still made by hand in the same way they started off in my kitchen, but now in larger quantities, and we are now proudly SALSA accredited!

4.  We use only organic ingredients and belong to the Organic Food Federation. We source ethically traded ingredients wherever possible so we know exactly where the ingredients in our products come from.

5.  We’ve got a stupendous team with lots of amazing skills. Even our youngest member, Luca (18 months old) is often found adopting the role of taste tester (particularly when I am trying to photograph recipes! Disaster!).

6.   Our gorgeous prints on our pouches were designed in house and you won’t see them anywhere else. Our Coconut Bites packaging is also 100% home compostable, and our range is expanding rapidly – we now have limited edition macaroons every month! 

7.   We have named most of our machinery and utensils – they are just other members of the Nourish family after all! They tend to have good and bad days like us.

8. We are always striving to be a waste free kitchen so we can often be found late into the evening knocking up a cheesecake, or experimenting with new products using any leftover macaroon crumbs!

9. We’re all super keen gardeners, me especially. My lovely husband has made me some super beds out of pallets, as well as salvaging a green house that was set for the tip. Watch our social media pages over the next few weeks to find out what we are growing and making from our produce.

10.  My favourite macaroon has to be Cacao (although I love them all of course!). My daughter Inge has changed over the years but now prefers Red Velvet. Mr Nourish’s current fave is Passionfruit, although he of course also loves them all and always says there is a macaroon for every moment and mood. Luca our littlest member eats all of them, but does love the cacao in particular too. 

11. The big question I always get asked is do I have a particular diet? I am largely plant based. Personally, I tend to be mostly grain free, have no refined sugar, and occasionally have organic fish and eggs and meat in small quantities. I have been gluten and dairy free now for 13 years. My favourite (and daily) snack is our homemade energy balls, or veggie sticks with tahini or our very own ABC butter, find the recipe here. YUM!

12. How do we eat as a family? We do still occasionally eat meat and eggs, but only organic and sustainably sourced. We do use some unrefined whole-grains in our diet such as quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat, millet… these mostly complement our main meals rather than being the bulk of our meal. A large majority of our diet is based on plants, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. We use no refined sugar, but use dried fruits (particularly medjool dates as they have a high water content), raw honey, organic maple syrup and occasionally coconut sugar.

13. As a company we want to grow to be profitable and fund water access and micro businesses in Africa. We have committed 10% of profits to fund this. Every time people support us as a small business they are part of the bigger picture. I am passionate about the people of Africa after working there 13 years ago. 

14. The perfect day for me would consist of a long walk in the sunshine, a good book (I have just finished Atomic Habits by James Clear) with a Matcha Latte and some of my energy balls sitting in the sunshine. Add to this a short yoga practice, some delicious food, time admiring the garden and finishing off with a large slice of Raw Beetroot Mud Cake (recipe coming out in our e-book soon!), and an early night and I would be in heaven. This as you can imagine does not occur often all in one day!

So that’s it from us, what about you? What’s your story? We love hearing from you and getting feedback about what you would like to see us create next, so please do let us know! We are so pleased when we hear from you about your own journeys, especially nutrition and health wise, so do feel free to contact us and as we would love to share that journey with you too!

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