Welcome to Nourish – grow, cook, enjoy, it’s great to have you here! Nourish started small but has always had big ambitions to provide people like you, with nutritious, delicious products. Made with simple, clean, easy to recognise ingredients, there is nothing on our list of ingredients that you wouldn’t use in your own kitchen. We know that that is one of the biggest reasons that you buy our products. 

We want to become THE healthy snack that you reach for when you want something sweet but packed full of super ingredients with a great nutritional profile. 

We’ve been endorsed by dieticians and nutritionists too. Did you know that we supply training fuel to Crystal Palace Football Club? They use our Coconut Bites, Cookies, Flapjacks and Coconutty Raw Slices. We also have a collection of athletes from Premier club footballers to Olympic hockey players who love the burst of natural energy that our products can provide them with. 

Why choose Organic?

We use only organic ingredients and belong to the Organic Food Federation. Sourcing only ethically traded ingredients, wherever possible, so we know exactly where the ingredients in our products come from. Knowing that our ingredients have had as little intervention as possible is hugely important to us. Riverford Organic has a great article here about why choosing Organic, whenever you can, is good for you, the environment and British farming.

Inekes, our Founders, background in nursing means that she has a good understanding of how hard it can be to lower and cut out refined sugars having helped many patients with this issue. We use a little organic maple syrup in our Bites, Macaroons and Raw Slices to sweeten them to taste. Also a little raw honey in our Passionfruit and Strawberry flavours. With a lower glycaemic index maple syrup is also full of some pretty stellar elements too. These include, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and manganese.

Our ingredient hero’s

Our core flavours of Macaroons and Bites are a reflection of the natural ingredients that Ineke and her family enjoy cooking with. You’ll find many of our flavours and ingredients make a regular appearance in our recipes too. From beetroot in our Red Velvet flavour to our Chocolate beetroot cake in the Nourishing Treats eBook, or our Cacao Macaroons doing double duty as the base for our Coconutty Bar Raw Slice. We also love to play around with new flavours once a month too. Our limited edition flavours being available exclusively through our website. Try this month’s Pina Colada flavour for a taste of summer days and sandy feet.

Helping others to grow

As a company we want to grow to be profitable and fund water access and micro businesses in Africa. We have committed 10% of profits to fund this and are working in partnership with Water for Good. Every time people support us as a small business they are part of a bigger picture to nurture others. Ineke is passionate about the people of Africa after working there 13 years ago. 

Over the next month we’ll share more with you about Nourish, our goals, our history and our people. Join us on our journey and take a nibble of Nourish by investing in us through our current Crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. We’d love to count on your support, big or small. We want to continue shaking up the world of healthy snacks with no hidden nasties!

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