Simplifying Christmas in a sustainable way

Simplifying Christmas and in a sustainable way is hugely important to the team at Nourish. We are always looking at ways we can be sustainable and ethical both within the business and in our homes. Christmas is always a time where we make sure we take a pause before everything gets started. Taking a look at how to create a greener Christmas for us and our family. Christmas can be a tricky one to navigate if you’re trying to become greener. All that glitter and plastic is not a good combination if you want to have a greener footprint. But the good news is that we have lots of simple swaps to help you.

This year in particular we feel it really important to keep Christmas simple, and to delve into what we need for the season. We won’t be adding unnecessary stress with some of those added extras that really aren’t going to make or break the festive spirit for us. Avoiding them, however, may help us focus on the most important things and enjoy the season with less of the stress- something none of us need more of right now!

It’s a Wrap

Wrapping paper; the easy test for this is, the less it scrunches up the more likely it is that it’s recyclable. We love the look and feel of brown Kraft paper as an alternative to shiny wrapping paper. It’s great fun stamping these with anything from potatoes that we carve into shapes for the kids, to using our gorgeous English Stamp Company stamps that we’ve had for years. We might buy a few sheets of the gorgeous Alice Palace recycled paper, with it’s gorgeous illustrations for a few special gifts. We’ll also be using some colourful twine from the gorgeous Twool. They make all of their plastic free twine from wool from rare breed sheep (money raised goes back into preserving this rare breed sheep) . Gift tags can be made from old Christmas cards too to cut down on costs this year!

Greener cards 

Did you know that around 1.5 billion Christmas cards are binned in the UK each year? This year we are hand making some with the kids to send to relatives and friends who we haven’t been able to see. We are also of the attitude that if we don’t get through our Christmas card list it really doesn’t matter! Remember, simplicity, less stress. Think, how important is this really? You could pick up the phone and have a Christmas chat instead! if you do want to send a card that’s a gift too why not try these seeds cards from EcoLif3.

Deck the halls  

There’s nothing quite like the joy that comes from decorating your house with family heirlooms, which makes them super sustainable too! We also love all the kids decorations that we get out year after year. The kids can have a little giggle at as they get older. Did you know we buy 7 million trees per year in the UK, that’s a huge number! If you’re buying a tree this year you could try an alternative plastic free version that you can use year after year. This year Kate has created a gorgeous hanging Christmas tree made from twigs and twine! It’s also so easy to create your own natural (and festive smelling) decorations. Let nature inside with pine cones, oven dried orange slices, or tying ribbon around a handful of cinnamon sticks.

Simple and ethical gifting 

Like many we are really only looking to shop small and local this year. We are spoilt for choice in Surrey with beautiful small businesses that have really been hit hard lately and we really want to support them first and foremost. We’ve been looking for ethically made, green alternatives to some of our fave classic gifts. A lovely, local to us, small business @muckyknees is home to a plethora of sustainable kids toys and gifts. All designed to nurture the imagination, inspire curiosity and encourage social engagement. We love their bird seed pizza sets and their vegan all natural play dough which can then be refilled with the biodegradable refill pack, reducing production and waste- huge thumbs up from us! For something varied and different, and especially great for those hard to buy people, Authentic House have the most wonderful sustainable boxes with all sorts of lovely planet friendly gifts included.

Trying to reuse, repair and recycle with gifting is important to us too. This year Ellerie is simplifying Christmas by gifting a wooden dolls house to her Children that has been both her 20 year old and 11 year old nieces previously. We love how wooden toys really stand the test of time!

Simple Christmas gifts

Edible gifting

We are also ( shock shock!) all about gifting food this year. Homemade gifts such as cookies or truffles are a great way of simplifying your Christmas. Especially if you are already going to be making some for your house too! It’s a great project to get the kids involved with in the holidays. We’ve been busy creating lots of new gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, Christmas cookie box recipes you can find on our IGTV. Remember though, if you think that’s going to be too much stress then do not put the pressure on yourself to do it! There are plenty of small foodie businesses selling delicious ethical and organic treats who would love your business, including us! Don’t forget we can basically make you a gift box with whatever you want added. Or choose one of our build a boxes or our festive box for simplicity!

Find the silver lining of 2020

We are all trying to look for the positives this year. Perhaps for you that’s simply being able to cosy up at home rather than go to yet another Christmas drinks that you really don’t want to go to. Or maybe it’s being able to slow down and enjoy hot chocolates and films at home. Rather than cramming your month in with extortionately expensive activities for the kids, so that come Christmas you are sick from exhaustion? Whatever it is, we hope that you will be able to find that silver lining this year and find joy in keeping it simple!

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