Here are some ideas of how to serve our delicious range of coconut macaroons. As well as enjoying them with a cup of tea, or as a snack pn the go, there are many other ways to enjoy them. Packed full of nutritious ingredients, we love coming up with new ways to serve them.
1. Break into pieces over vanilla and/or chocolate icecream (I use coconut icecream, delish!). Or alternatively over coconut yoghurt. We frequently use the Cacao variety this way.
2. Add to your breakfast. Passionfruit is particularly lovely like this. We love this one on our porridge with some fresh passionfruit pulp.
3. Place our mini Raspberry and White Chocolate macaroons over quinoa pudding (quinoa with coconut milk). And top with fresh raspberries. Alternatively, decorate your chocolate brownie with these mini macaroons (available in our Christmas Box).

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