Making time with children can be so difficult in the hectic life we so often live. And yet, restoring those habits to spend time with those you love is vital, not just in growing our relationships, but also for our own health and wellbeing. This week Flori from Squiggle Dot and Squeeze shares her inspiration and expertise in this area ….

If the thought of crafting isn’t your thing try to see how it can evolve into something you can enjoy with them. For example let them craft a crown and then join them in the acting of a show, or paint a box and turn it into an outdoor treasure hunt on the walk to school. No craft should go from the craft table to the fridge door without a life in between.

There are only 940 Saturdays between a child’s birth and them heading to college and if they are 5 you have already had 260, However instead of worrying about the galloping minutes, focus on turning minutes into moments. Use craft as one of your tools from your parenting box to show your children how important they are by creating quality time.  ​

This article was written by Flori from Squiggle Dot & Squeeze, creator of fantastic crafting kits and full of inspiration. Head over to their website to look at their craft boxes  or if its just inspiration your after follow them on Facebook  for lots of how to videos for simple fun crafty projects.  

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