Our motivation journey in January

A sense of motivation isn’t just for Christmas we told ourselves as we stepped positively into 2019! Ah, January, for many this month as the month of new gym kit, shiny new pencil cases, stacks of healthy cookbooks and restricted diets. Well, we like to do it differently, New Year’s resolutions can lead to feeling down when you slip up, we didn’t want any of that negativity associated with what, we hope, is going to be a busy year for Nourish. January is a key month of the year to look at Nourishing yourself (not restricting) for the year ahead. We’ve put together a seriously motivating, put a happy smile on your face, giveaway for this month with some of our friends. Head to our social media pages to find out more. It’s a cosy collective of gifts to keep you going over the winter and help you start to plan for the Springtime and onwards.

Why is motivation important?

Motivation comes in many forms, today you might feel motivated to get outside for that walk you’ve been promising yourself all week. Tomorrow it might be that you try a new recipe for supper. Motivation is what keeps us going when things maybe aren’t quite as simple as they first appeared, it’s the enthusiasm to see a tricky project through to the end and it’s something that we help one another with too. Working together to stay motivated is one of the things that bonds us together. There are hard times, there are tiring times, but reminding each other that there are also good times is a big part of the motivation picture.

Nourish - Motivation month 2

So what have we done this month to keep us motivated?

Some of us have travelled across continents to catch up with the family and friends who support us, spending precious time with those who are special to us. That reminder that there are people rooting for us all over the place is a great motivator. They say that travel broadens the mind and it’s true that the experiences that we’ve gathered around us from travelling have helped to keep our minds active and engaged. Saying goodbye to our loved ones has just motivated us to save up for more trips like these! As the poster in our giveaway from Happy Bobkat says, ‘love will always win’.

For those of us who stayed closer to home adventure was still on the agenda. Keeping things fresh and exciting at this time of the year especially can help to keep you positive on the greyest days. We’ve had adventures big and small, they may be, discovering a new place like, Plawhatch Organic and Biodynamic Farm, which we discovered last week. Or, planning what we want to grow this year with the help of our Fraser & Parsley garden planner! We’ve also been thinking about what we want to achieve at home this year and first up was a mega apres Christmas clean up with the the super Kinn Living products to keep our homes clean, safe and smelling amazing!

For others it’s been the pursuit of new knowledge, of things learnt that will inspire us and lead us onto new and exciting chapters of our lives. Studying seems somehow a little easier later in life when the goal is clear, even if that goal is just to learn a little more about a subject that inspires us. Making time for study isn’t easy but the motivation comes from passion and determination. We’ll be keeping going with the revision cards at lunchtimes!

Nourish - Motivation month 3

Inspiration comes in so many forms. For many of us it’s the little things that keep us going, it can be as simple as having a cup of Warrior tea, ready to take the day on, from The Leaf Collective first thing in the morning, the beauty of the frosty gardens we pass on our walk to work, booking a course and learning something new or the anticipation of a warm, cosy evening spent cuddled up after a busy day with a little bit of Chocolate and Love chocolate!

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