Nourishing recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us.

We love to share our favourite nourishing recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us. Ineke writes all of the recipes for our website and our eBook, Nourishing Treats, and you can rest assured that they’ve all been tried and tested on very willing subjects at home! Having been brought up in a home where cooking from scratch was the norm, Ineke loves to play with ingredients and finds inspiration from cooking seasonal whole foods. With her passion for cooking it’s unsurprising that when she’s not making things for Nourish, she’s writing recipes to share.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Some say that their kitchens are their hub of their home and you would definitely say this about Ineke’s. There is usually one of her children or her husband, Ryan, helping out. Her worktops are scattered with all the kit you’d expect to find in a keen cooks kitchen. A place to work, a place to be inspired and a place to sometimes find peace in the simple. Like peeling veg while listening to a podcast (we’d recommend Table Manners as a good one!). 

Our whole team are keen cooks and we’ve made full use of the Nourish recipe page on our website. Everyone has a favourite. We thought we’d share just a few of ours that will maybe inspire you too in the kitchen. We do all share one favourite though and that is our Beetroot cake from Nourishing Treats, its an epic red velvet treat!

Don’t forget you can search for our recipes via our website and find additional ones on IGTV. Our IGTV recipes are very simple and being hosted by Ineke’s daughter Inge, they are suitable for kids to make too.

Nourish - Carrot Salad


Ineke’s got a few favourite staple recipes that she relies on weekly, almond mylk, carrot salad and nut butter are all on repeat. Making your own almond mylk is really rewarding and ensures that what you get is clean and natural, with no binders or thickeners. There are so many good nut butters out there but playing around and trying it with different nuts and adding other flavours is great when you have kids that adore it as a snack.

She’d most like to be woken up with a stack of her keto pancakes, take note kids! Simple to make and they look very impressive. Stacked up with fresh fruit and coconut yogurt is her favourite way of serving them.


Inge is the hands behind our IGTV videos and already a keen cook in her own right. Often found helping with recipe development she has a keen sense of taste and knows what she likes! Bananas are an obvious favourite as she’s picked not one, but two banana recipes! 

With the weather set to hot this week her first choice of banana ice cream is a great one. With just 3 ingredients this is a must have for eating in the paddling pool! For brekkie she’d love to wolf down a stack of pancakes too, but goes for the banana ones as a personal favourite.

Nourish - Banana Picnic Loaf Recipe


Toiling away as a maths teacher by day and a Nourish worker bee at night Mr Nourish likes to relax with a Inge’s Ice Cream sandwiches. These gorgeous creations aren’t just great to look at, they’re delicious too. A definite Instagrammable moment if you can keep these on a plate for long enough! We suspect that he may be fending off two very hungry children while he tries to enjoy these.


With two small children who are always on the go Ellerie loves to have a simple, nutritious snack on hand and reaches for our Oat Cookies. The perfect snack to pop in a rucksack and head off for an adventure in the woods with she says. Great for keeping little ones going one their energy is flagging. Available to buy on the website these are a favourite with young and old. Packed full of nutritious ingredients such as chia seeds, cacao nibs, raw honey and of course oats. 

Nourish - Easy Chocolate Spread


With a couple of chocolate spread fiends at home Kate loves to make the easy chocolate spread and keep it in reserve to slather on pancakes or dip fruit into for a snack. Her family are also constantly asking for a repeat of the keto cauliflower gnocchi, which has become a firm favourite! Changing up the pesto flavouring depending on the season, so far they’ve enjoyed the gnocchi with wild garlic, spinach and kale.


We’ve had some lovely comments from you all about our recipes in the past. This one from Kathy really made us all smile, it’s good to have you on our journey Kathy!

‘I have been following the Nourish-Grow-Cook-Enjoy website for many years now and have had great fun trying out many of the lovely recipes. They are very easy to follow and always turn into delicious treats. Not sure I can pick a favourite but the Banana Pancakes are my absolute go-to-recipe for lazy Saturday mornings and I love making the Vegetable Satay for an easy mid-week dinner. Thank you so much to Ineke and the team at Nourish-Grow Cook-Enjoy for being such wonderful inspiration!!!’


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