Nourishing Practices

Nourishing Practices

At Nourish we live by our name. Is it any wonder that so many brands have a derivative of the word nourishing in their name? The definition in itself of ‘promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength’ is something so appealing that we all want a piece of it!

We’ve been thinking this month about how we can strive for a more #nourishedlife in aspects such as physical and mental health, our relationships and of course in nutrition. Nourishing practices and habits form such an important part of that growth, sustainment and strength that we all need. We need to ‘put on our own oxygen mask, before we can help others’. In other words, we need to nourish ourselves first in order to be able to reach out and nourish those around us.


So what can we be doing? I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase, ‘ do more of what makes you happy’ ? Well it is really as simple as that. Nourishing practices for us bring us joy and quiet content. There may be some that are tough to start off with and get off the ground and we may sometimes slip in and out of the practise or habit, but really, the things we should choose to do will make us happy. Hobbies are a great place to start. We only really start up yoga, dance, running, crafting or cooking out of enjoyment. These hands on and physical activities are super nourishing as we are able to take time to concentrate on only ourselves and develop personal talents that are lying just beneath the surface.

Getting closer to nature is something so many of us have been fortunate to do these last few months as we’ve simplified our lives and found joy in the great outdoors. Getting outside regularly is an absolute must for us. We’ve found pure peace in those early morning walks and the simplicity of playing amongst the trees, spotting new baby animals on the pond and breathing the air in deeply.


Nourishing practices are not always specific activities we do. Being completely present around your children playing, or when sitting watching Netflix with your partner may seem pretty obvious, but with busy worlds and phones always close by, they are not always easy to do. Trying hard to ensure we are mindfully preparing our food and mindfully eating it for each meal is important to us.

Being purposeful in our daily activities and doing these simple things with intent, can be just as nourishing for our body and mind and allow us to avoid letting everyday things slide past us. We love a daily practise of gratitude either in an evening journaling session or simply taking a moment for our mind to go through the day and then let it wander. This is a great thing to teach children to do too and can be done from the moment our children can speak. We like to go round the table during our evening meal and each choose something that has made us happy that day.

Doing nothing

We’ve also learnt we don’t need to actually be doing anything to be nourishing ourselves. Some of the most nourishing practices we’ve tried to adopt into our weeks are ones where we actually do nothing. Meditating and mindfulness, complete with deep breathing can be so nourishing to both our minds and bodies. Aside from all the incredible health benefits of mindfulness, we find it really allows us to check in with ourselves.  If you are looking for somewhere to start, simply sitting and staring out the window into your garden is a great way. There are also a plethora of great apps out there to help with mindfulness or meditation (check out Calm) Perhaps the most underestimated yet important nourishing practise we all need to adopt fully, and one we are told repeatedly about it’s benefits, is sleep!

What’s next…..

We’ve enjoyed creating a slower pace of life these last few months (check out our Nourish Guide to Slow Living here ) but have still found merit in scheduling in time for these nourishing practices and sticking to routines. Routine can often help improve mental state as we look to enjoyable parts of our day we can control, and our body moulds into those pockets of routine moments. A warm drink first thing in the morning, a yoga class at a certain set designated time in our day and a short but affective wind down routine, perhaps with a bath or skincare routine before bed, can really help our sleep improve as our body starts to recognise it should prepare for sleep mode.

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