Meal times and digestion.

In the past we have focused mainly on just posting up recipes. However, as you have seen from our Social Media posts, mainly Instagram, our theme for the month is RESTORE. This does not just apply to restoring good habits with what we eat, but also restoring sleep patterns, relationships and exercise into our life. Making time for each of these four areas is vital in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. Certainly from my experience as a nurse, looking at the whole person rather than just focusing on one area helps us achieve our over all goal as they all interlink to how we feel and our general overall health.


“ Nourish yourself with a real food focus”

Having said that, today I want to focus briefly on the importance of Meal Times. We encourage you to Nourish yourself with a real food focus. But more than that, whether you eat your meals alone most of the time or with a partner or with children, setting aside time to sit and eat your meal slowly is vital for good digestion. Taking time to chew and enjoy your food is really important. An area we particularly are not so good at as a family, we have become used to ‘inhaling’ our food, even if we are sitting down together. Does that sound familiar?
Once you have swallowed your food it moves down your oesophagus and this leads to your stomach. Remember, there are no teeth after food leaves your mouth, so swallowing food that has not been well chewed makes it harder on your stomach and the rest of your digestive system to process it. As a result you may suffer from bloating, and fluctuation between constipation and diarrhoea. It also poses the risk that some of the nutrients in your diet are not absorbed properly.
In addition to the above, taking time to sit with family and/or friends over a meal is an investment into relationships and a great way to take a few minutes out of the day to spend time with them. Try to incorporate this into your week, starting even with one or two meals a week.
And finally (this is an area I am guilty of when busy) – technology, try and keep this away from main meal times. If you do use it, still try and be conscious about what you are eating, rather than shovelling your food down while in front of the screen.


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