Maddy’s Focus for 2018


Hi, my name is Maddy and I am a Nutrition & Health Coach that trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I also joined the Nourish team in November 2017.  As a health coach, I help clients find their own version of health and work with them to build in the changes that suit their lifestyle so that they feel more energized, confident, and motivated to look after themselves.
I always struggle with new year’s resolutions. Being very interested in health and fitness, I have tended to make resolutions around these areas of my life.  In the past, when I was a little too militant about my health, I tried the ‘I WILL work out 4 times a week’ resolution, the ‘I will cut carbs/calories/fat’ resolution, and the ‘I will not drink alcohol’ resolution. Some of these I have achieved in part, though none have lasted the full year and at one point or other, they have definitely all resulted in me feeling bad about myself because I had ‘failed’ at my resolution. 
Over recent years I have been much kinder to myself in the types of resolutions I have set, but for me, being a type ‘A’ person, they have still been things to tick off a list, or that I did or did not do, so still pretty focused on a slightly abstract idea of what I would like to achieve in the year.  I find as soon as a resolution becomes something to restrict or something that will inevitably at some point be ‘failed at’, it really just becomes an added stressor in your mind.
“This Year I Want To Try Something Else.”
This year I want to try something else.  My resolution this year is about my mindset and attitude towards my day to day life.  I tend to get stressed about things easily. Often the ‘little’ things, which of course don’t feel so little when you are in the middle of them.  I get frustrated and upset when my little boy won’t sleep past 5.30am (which is most days at the moment), or is fussy with his food. I often don’t sleep well, and I let the fact that I am knackered get to me, and set the tone for my day. And then I get cross with myself for letting things get to me. Not great.  I want to refocus my energy more positively – partly to help me be more positive for myself, but also to be a little less self-involved and a little more focused on the people that I care about.  For me, this is all about acting with generosity. 
So, my resolution is to act with generosity whenever I can. I resolve to be more generous with my time for others, whether that be family, friends, work colleagues, or the person on the street who is asking me directions. And for my little boy at 5.30 in the morning. I will remember to be generous with my affection for the people I care about – generous with cuddles for my little boy, phone calls to my mum and texts to friends I haven’t spoken to in a while. I will be generous in my cooking efforts and try new meals at home, whether successful or not.   Hopefully, it will become progressively more instinctual as the year goes on. And so more and more the time in my day is taken up with acting generously towards others, and not being preoccupied with my personal worries.  I won’t keep a list, or get cross with myself if I don’t always manage to achieve this in every situation I face. But I will continue to try.
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