Love your Lunchbox

Love your lunchbox

Do you love your lunchbox? I’ll be honest, I’ve always started out with the very best intentions when it comes to the lunchbox. I have a selection of bento and tiffin boxes, insulated bags, thermal flasks and bowls, I’ve got the lot. I’ll make myself healthy, rainbow coloured lunches for about 3 weeks and slowly it will peter off and I’ll only be doing it once a week. Before I know it I’m wondering what on earth I should do with all the boxes, lunch bags etc that I’m not using. Then the cycle starts again, you get the picture?

All change.

This year though, this year it’s all different in our house. We’ve never given the kids lunchboxes, they’ve both always had the hot option at school instead. However, with one on a low carb/keto diet for his health issues (he’s on beta blockers and therefore has diabetic tendencies) and the other a super fast growing teen who can never eat enough, we’ve had a change. From now on we’ll all be eating lunchbox meals, hubby and I at home or on the road and the kids at school.

There are so many reasons that you might choose a lunchbox over a school meal and vice versa. There really are no rights or wrongs here, what suits one family might not suit another. 

Getting Organised.

We’ve bought our boxes from Elephant Box for the kids and Black & Blum for the grown ups, I’ve also invested in a couple of Chilly pots so that as the weather gets cooler we can pack up leftovers of our refried beans or roast cauliflower soup.

Stick to the plan.

Now we just have to make a plan and stick to it! So far we’ve had a massive whiteboard in the kitchen and we’ve all been adding things to it when we think of them. It’s a random selection from traditional sandwiches to frittatas and muffins to fruit kebabs. I can already see that there may be several versions of lunch per day! This is a great way to engage everyone, you could have a blackboard, or just a pad and a pen on the side. The psychology is simple, get everyone involved and they’re more likely to eat what you give them. Keeping everyone enthusiastic seems to be key. I’ve signed up to several lunchbox gurus for inspiration too to keep me going, find the list below.

Love your lunchbox

Good food = good mood

There’s definitely something to be said for knowing exactly what the kids will be eating every day, especially at a time when we want to boost their immune systems any way we can. I have a few friends with fussy eaters who are also making the change this term to packed lunches. To go from maybe nibbling on a few bits of plain pasta for lunch to eating a full meal of what they will eat has seen one friend’s child go from the 4% centile for weight to 45% over lockdown. With stats like that you know you know you have to make a change. 

Working with a bunch of foodies I decided to get the Nourish input on what I might put into my own and the kids lunchboxes. 


In Inges, our IGTV star’s Lunch Box there are usually some vege sticks of some description… always cucumber and tomatoes. A piece of fruit, occasionally Oat Cakes and often our Oat Cookies. We make our own nut free energy balls or pop in some Cacao and Strawberry Macaroons! Sometimes blocks of hard cheese. Leftover sweet potato wedges are always a winner for Inge! A treat at the end of every other week might be a packaged item such as some eat real crisps. For myself… I love a large salad, with lots of nuts and seeds, avocado and a large spoon of tahini or nut butter drizzled over with a squeeze of lemon juice. Ryan is similar, he will sometimes add in eggs and often sweet potatoes too.  And we both take a few energy balls and macaroons as our snack during the day too! A huge family favourite is seaweed snacks for all of us, Luca and Inge love them! So at the moment we use them even for outings.

Love your lunchbox


I’m a frittata fiend. Sometimes I’ll stick to a vegan one made with chickpeas and other times I’ll use eggs. I’ll generally do a round up of what veggies look a tiny bit tired and either roast or pan fry them with herbs and spices. Our firm family favourite is spinach, courgette, pea, feta and dill, with maybe a little mint too. Pulled together in seconds and kept in the fridge for at least 3 days these are an easy, protein packed option for the teen and I. Never made a frittata before? Just experiment, there are very few things that won’t work. The teen tried sweet potato, edamame and green beans, Violife and lots of indian spices at the weekend, it was delicious with some Coyo on the side! He and his little brother are also cacao crazy and will have a 40g pouch of our Cacao Coconut Bites or the Nourish Breakfast Muffins, on hand too for a little sweet, healthy treat for a fuel up.


My lunch boxes are normally quite simple. My kids tend to have crackers or pitta with either classic or cauliflower hummus and then pepper, tomato and cucumber on the side. I’ll cut up some fruit and pop in some Nourish oat cookies or a slice of banana bread. I love to feast on leftovers and a macaroon when I’m in a hurry, but if not then I’ll have a boiled egg, avocado and salad, with some rice cakes with a tub of Nush cream cheese to dunk them in. 

Websites with more inspiration,

For little ones – Little Cooks Co

Eating with your eyes – good looking lunches for kids

For sporty teens

Eco friendly, food waste free ideas

Grown up lunchbox heroes

We’d love to know what you would love your lunchbox to contain? Pop us a comment below and inspire us!

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