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Nourish kids travel survival kit blog
Travel broadens the mind, providing an opportunity to experience new and exciting things, to have adventures and much, much more. From New Zealand originally, my husband and I were both bitten by the travel bug early on and we still love to explore new places together. Things change a little once you have kids, travelling with them certainly adds another dimension and it’s not quite as simple to scoot off on trips at the drop of a hat anymore. That said, we want our daughter to experience all that the world has to offer and so rather than not have those adventures, we approach them slightly differently to how we did pre-children.

The whole team at Nourish have got young children and with many of us being from overseas originally, we’ve done a lot of travelling. These are our top tips for travelling with small people!

Nourish kids travel survival kit blog

Fight against the bite

Essential travel kit, even in this country. There can be nothing worse than a cross itchy child, especially when you add hot and tired to the mix too. While deet based products are essential in some further flung parts of the globe, for a lot of the world using natural products, thoroughly backed up by research, is exactly what you need. My own desire to use natural insect repellent products let me to Incognito. Their range of products are all completely natural and free from nasties like parabens and SLSs, even better it’s safe to use on kids from 6 months of age. It smells good too containing both bergamot and other citrus scents, the hair and body wash or sunscreen are particularly easy way to boost your mosquito protection.

We’ve got a super pack of travel goodies from these guys to giveaway, check out our Instagram page to enter over the weekend.

Nourish kids travel survival kit blog

Travel tummy

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are it’s possible that you and yours may be struck with tummy bugs on holiday. Food that’s not been freshly prepared, drinks that have had ice cubes added, a different diet, all these things can add up to tummy upsets. Rehydration is key for anyone suffering and I always take a pack of the chemist’s standard rehydration salts with me for just this reason, or I make up my own, you can find out more here about homemade solutions.

Nipping tummy trouble in the bud quickly is particularly key with small ones so I also take a stash of activated charcoal capsules from Nu U Nutrition. Charcoal helps your body to expel the nasties quickly by absorbing them and helping to flush them through your system. I empty one capsule into a small glass of watered down juice and although it looks a bit black and sludgy it does the trick. It’s safe to use for kids and adults alike (be aware that it’s very good at absorption, so use with caution if you are on other medication).

Nu U Nutrition have given us one year’s supply of Activated Charcoal 300mg 365 Capsules as part of our giveaway to help keep tummies well all year round.

Nourish kids travel survival kit blog

Something old, something new

If you’ve ever travelled with kids on planes, trains and automobiles you’ll know that they need an activity to keep them occupied. I find that pulling something new out of my travel bag, that grabs their attention, is a sure fire way to get a little bit of peace and quiet. While looking for something to take on holiday this summer I came across Busy Bots, a great little business run by two mums who know exactly what busy little hands need to keep them occupied! We tried out the Beep, beep, choo choo pack and had a super chilled out flight while small one used his small motor skills and learn all about travel all over the world.

Busy Bots have 3 of their amazing packs to giveaway in our survival kit so that you can try them for yourself.

Nourish kids travel survival kit blog

Snacks on the go

Keeping little energy levels up when you’re travelling is important, no one wants to be travelling with a ‘hangry’ small person! I like to keep a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles in my bag ready for when the hunger strikes. Our coconut macaroons are a great source of dietary fibre and protein, keeping you and your small people feeling full for longer. Sometimes a little treat is just what’s needed to take those last few steps of a hike, or keep swimming until sundown. What’s your favourite flavour? Mini raspberry crunch, strawberry, passion fruit, cacao or vanilla? Where will you have your #macaroonmoment

We’re giving you a chance to pick you two favourite flavours for the giveaway, which will you choose?



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