The Importance of Deep Breathing

This may be a different title than you were expecting as we continue to look at the Theme Restore. However, it has become well known that Diaphragmatic Breathing is so incredibly beneficial for your health and wellbeing. It can even add in weight loss if your body is used to living in the ‘red zone’ or ‘adrenaline zone’

Diaphragmatic Breathing is essential for restoring your  health and wellbeing. This is an exercise we should all be doing. It does not involve anything more than taking a couple of minutes to focus on our breathing technique.

Why is it so important?
In today’s world we are always busy and even when we are not we still say we are, and so as a result we often live in a state of anxiety and rushing from one thing to the next. The impact of this is we often live in our ‘flight or fight’ mode. This part of our nervous system is activated and has a direct impact on our bodies balance of hormones and numerous other implications, including weight gain, poor digestion and poor sleep. This is where diaphragmatic breathing comes in. The impact of this on the nervous system is crucial. Nothing communicates better to each cell of your body that you are safe, than your breathing.

So how do you diaphragmatically breathe?
Make sure your tummy moves in and out as you breathe, not just your upper chest. Place your hand over your stomach and let it expand as you breath in followed by your chest, pause and then slowly exhale, first emptying your lungs followed by your abdomen. Aim to consciously breathe like this for a few breaths  a couple of times a day. Schedule it into your diary to remind yourself.

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