Food is a gift and is there to not only nourish you, but to be enjoyed. To put the two together (nourishment + enjoyment of delicious food) gives you the best outcome…..

There are so many different views on food and which ‘diet’ to follow, as well as a great many unhealthy relationships to food and body image.

I believe above all, that food is a gift and is there to not only nourish you, but to be enjoyed. To put the two together (nourishment + enjoyment of delicious food) gives you the best outcome. I have been at both ends of the spectrum with food, both eating too much, including un-nourishing foods and also eating too restrictive as well and under-nourishing my body. Food has the danger to be one of those things in life that people turn to either for emotional comfort or as a means of control. My desire in writing this blog and in creating coconut macaroons and other food products is to empower people to make healthy choices, to enjoy what they are eating, and above all to have a healthy relationship with food and enjoy being nourished by it.

So which ‘diet’ do we follow as a family? We are not strictly vegan, paleo, or vegetarian as such. We do still occasionally eat meat and eggs, but only organic and sustain-ably sourced. We do use some unrefined whole-grains in our diet, these mostly complement our main meals rather than being the bulk of our meal. A large majority of our diet is based on plants, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. We use no refined sugar, but use dried fruits, raw honey, organic maple syrup, a little rice malt syrup and coconut sugar. Healthy fats are key to the way we eat, and vital to our bodies growth, raw coconut oil, lots of avocados, nuts and seeds, good olive oil and cold-pressed avocado and sesame oils. The key in all of this is to eat as close to how food has been given to us in nature. The more processed a food is, the less it resembles how it is in its natural form, the less likely it is to have excellent nutritional value and be free of additives.

Remember in all of this, eating a well-balanced diet is 80/20 and change happens slowly. Making vast changes all at once is unlikely to stick and stay. Make a small change, even one meal a week to start with and slowly increase. We certainly did not change overnight and still now use the 80/20 rule. Remember, food is to be enjoyed as well, and stressing about what you eat can often suffocate the enjoyment of spending time with loved ones and friends as well as do no favours for your hormone levels and bodies nervous system. Over time I will post more blogs on how little changes can make a difference, and how some forward planning can make this easy to do.

I would love to hear about your journeys and any questions or comments you may have, please post below or use our contact form. We would love you to connect with us on social media as well.

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