Fun Recipes for Kids

Gingerbread people

Christmas doesn't feel complete in our house without making Gingerbread people and shapes. We already have a recipe on the website for Gingerbread men, however this recipe is dairy free and so delicious! Inge found it hard to not eat the mixture before it was cooked!...

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Quinoa Sushi Wraps

Quinoa Sushi Wraps Quinoa is a fantastic grain it is rich in minerals and vitamins and full of protein. These quinoa sushi wraps make a great lunch, or afternoon snack. Easy to prepare ahead and take to work for lunch. Quinoa is a complete protein and wheat-free...

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Watermelon Pizza

If you’re searching for summer holiday activities to enjoy with the little ones then look no further. Just slice up some favourite fruits and pop them in bowls and let them stack them high with their favourites. We love some of our mini raspberry coconut crunch macaroons on top too!

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