Fruit Salad Bowl – A gorgeous way of serving a simple fruit salad bowl and making the most of your Watermelon leftovers!

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Create a fruit salad bowl from your Watermelon leftovers and you’ll find yourself with a showstopper of a dessert!


Option One 
One ripe watermelon
Choose a range of other melons, such as galia melon and cantaloupe melon.
Option Two 
One ripe watermelon
Choose a range of fruits, such as berries, peaches and mango.

Nourish - Watermelon fruit bowl


Cut the watermelon in half to form two bowl shapes.

Using a melon ball scoop, make melon balls from the watermelon to use in your fruition salad. Alternatively cut the inside flesh into large pieces and cube the watermelon. Set the water-melon aside and using a metal spoon scoop the inside of the half melon until the flesh is removed, and you have just reached the light green edge. Drain any melon juice and set aside your melon bowl.

Option One – Cut your melons into cubes or scoop into melon balls. Layer or toss together and fill up your melon bowl. Serve immediately, or store into fridge until needed.

Option Two – Cut your fruit into cubes and gently toss with berries (keep a few berries out) and water-melon pieces/balls. Gently tip into your melon bowl. Top with your left over berries. Serve immediately, or store into fridge until needed.


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